Makeup products for vacation sweep the Top 30 in Beauty

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Makeup products for vacation sweep the Top 30 in Beauty

The online shopping giant Amazon updates its best seller list every hour with the realtime sales performance of every item sold on Amazon. The list goes into categories and sub-sections, so you can easily see the best selling items at a glance. Although it literally changes every hour, within Top 30 the ranks do not change easily. In early May, what were Amazon’s top selling beauty products?

As we approach the summer vacation season, waterproof eyeliners and mascara, eyelashes, concealers to hide your skin flaws, brushes to elongate the life of your makeup foundation performed very well.

NYX eyeliners with summer colors, Maybelline volume mascara for maximum volume, Pooplunch cat-eye eyelashes with highlighted eye-tails for sexy eye lines, and so on have stolen many consumers’ hearts, and Daubigny foundation brush with a carrying case received great reviews for portability for handle-free design as well as the silky smooth result thanks to the dense bristles. Also, Maybelline concealers received good reviews for easy use.


Revlon styling tools for simultaneous drying and styling hair, wet brushes to detangle hair before the hair dries, and Hoyols hair ties in a transparent color, useful for ponytail and braid styles, received positive consumer feedback.


As warm weather arrives, people who are still wearing facial masks welcome Mighty acne patches. Unlike acne patches from other brands, Mighty’s acne patches can be easily covered up with make-up and retain moisture for an itchy free wear. It is the season of sandals, and Kerasal foot care products for your soft hills made the bestseller list.

You can easily watch over U.S. consumer’s moves by looking at Amazon best seller lists updated real-time. It is a relatively easy way to learn about consumer needs to look at the customer reviews of products in which you are interested. If you are preparing an online beauty supply, it is even more helpful to look at the big e-Commerce platforms.


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