Loved By All Women

Loved By All Women

Scrunch/Slouch Socks & Adorable Mini-bags

There are two fashion accessories loved by all women. One is the slouch socks once popular in ’80s-’90s and regaining their popularity starting last year. The other is mini-bags that became a solid trend over the past years. As they can bring your personality out of even the most ordinary look and become a style point, customers of all ages including the Millennials and the Generation Zs are falling in love with these point items in the midst of increasingly quick-changing trend. Today, you will easily spot one of them in the social media worn by celebrities and influencers. What’s behind the popularity?

Slouch socks ©Free people

Mini flap bag ©chanel

According to a fashion terminology book, slouch means “a lazy, drooping posture or movement” in a literal sense and speaks of a down-to-earth casual style in fashion, commonly represented by over-sized shirts, loose pants, and other loose fitting wears.

Slouch socks have rib-knit construction resembling the grooves of ribs, and made of an elastic material, so that their upper can be scrunched down all the way to the ankle height. Their loose fit around your ankle and shin makes them comfortable to wear while its elasticity allows you to freely adjust the height for fashionable and personalized looks. Once a hot item in the ’80s and ’90s, Princess Diana was well known to be especially fond of slouch socks.

Along with the retro fever, slouch socks became a hot potato once again among the young. They go well with chunky loafers and sneakers with larger outer soles, often called “Dad shoes”, and you can wear any bottoms including leggings and skirts with them.

A look with slouch socks ©Instagram @maelaway

Kourtney Kardashian matched slouch socks with a short athletic leggings ©kourtneykardash

Another look with slouch socks on a pair of loafers ©Shutterstock @Silvia Olsen

Mini-bags enjoyed popularity for a several years lately. Thanks to mobile wallets and various payment apps, many people can go out with only their smartphones and a few electronic gadgets that are getting smaller, so the size of bags shrank over the years. Although in 2020 we saw the reappearance of the big bag trend, mini bags are one of the items loved by every woman.

Many brands debuted smaller bags with practical storage space as well as various colors and designs, and they will keep launching new lines of mini bags as they expect the trend to stay for a foreseeable future. Hermes released a miniature version of the Kelly, and many celebrities wore it in the recently published photos, generating the buzz in the public.

For many mini bags, they have a widened bottom for an extra storage and are worn cross-body, making the design of straps particularly unique and dramatic. As you can add a stylish touch to any look by simply wearing them, mini bags are becoming a must-have item beyond a trend.

Kim Kardashian with a mini Hermes Birkin ©Instagram @kimkadashian

A Louis Vuitton model with a mini bag ©Louis Vuitton

Fendi Nano Baguette Debut ©Fendi

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