Like the Pansy Flower

Like the Pansy Flower

Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is Veri Peri

Pantone, a color research institution/company, headquartered in New Jersey announced Veri Peri as the Color of the Year for 2022. Since 2000, every December Pantone release the color of the year, for which it hosts a forum of representatives of color standard groups of many countries twice a year. Living Coral in 2019, Classic Blue in 2020, and Ultimate Grey and Illuminating in 2021 were the choices for the previous years.

The color Veri Peri ©pantone/allure

Pantone described 2022 Color of the Year Veri Peri as “the happiest and warmest of all the blue hues, symbolizing change and growth.” In response to the announcement, Microsoft released a screen saver in Veri Peri theme color in collaboration with Pantone, and the color has also been adopted in various places including clothing, cosmetics, bags, and interior design. The color engulfing the violet petals: we introduce some styles and items that bring the warmth of Veri Peri.

Veri Peri colored hair ©sorokinognezdo Instagram

베리 페리 컬러의 헤어 ©Nyane Instagram

Veri Peri colored hair looks great on cool-tone skin. If you had a tone-down perm or have a darker hair color, you can get a good Veri Peri color only after bleaching. Just by the color itself, it can generate a glamorous feel. Many celebs are taking shots at the color.

Veri Peri colored wig ©

Veri Peri colored eye makeup ©maceuropeyskiy Instagram

Veri Peri colored eyeshadows and eyelashes are great for an eye-catching point makeup. You can recommend to people who want to make a strong impression while wearing a mask for the never-ending pandemic.

Veri Peri colored nails by Kiss ©oeirinn Instagram


You can expect a special effect with Veri Peri colored nails when you want a great refreshing experience at an affordable cost. It not only has a great esthetic effect but also makes your hands look prettier regardless of your skin tone. Many DIY nail products are already on the market.

Veri Peri colored yoga clothes © myblissclub Instagram

Veri Peri colored handbag by Chanel ©Chanel

From a casual sportswear to yoga clothes and to luxury goods, Veri Peri colored products will likely continue to show up throughout this year. We look forward to learning the infinite possibility for the color that currently have a tight grip on the beauty industry.


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