LA’s Beauty Artist Ashley Campbell

Makeup and Hair’s Trendy Get-together!

LA’s Beauty Artist Ashley Campbell


Ashley Campbell

“I’ll make you up, not cake you up”

This sentence has been Ashley’s slogan, motto, and identity. With six years of expertise of creating beauty with makeup and hair for her customers, she is a trendsetter who is getting a lot of attention in the LA beauty industry. It is said that she leads trending styles as a beautician and is famous for achieving natural harmony between makeup and hair styling.

Golden State, which appreciated her ability, has hired her as an ambassador to collaborate in product development and marketing. With Golden State’s help, BNB was able to conduct e-mail and phone interviews with Ashley and introduce her sincere story to our readers.


Nice to meet you, please introduce yourself.

My name is Ashley Carol Campbell, a self-taught makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California. Now I’m a freelancer in charge of creating beauty for customers.


Were you always crafty and good with your hands?

Since I was young, I used to grow up in the city and enjoy braiding my neighborhood friends and sisters’ hair. My friends were satisfied with it, and when I did my hair, they would always come to me and ask for it. Come to think of it, this could be considered as being good with my hands. (laugh)


What were you like in school?

Actually, I like sports as well as beauty. When I was a student, I focused on sports. After putting effort into sports, I was able to enter Long Beach State University with an athlete’s scholarship. I remember that my passion for sports gradually faded after I went to college and studied medical fields in school.


What’s the connection between hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are inseparable. I’m focusing more on makeup now, but my first love in beauty work was hair. If your hair and makeup don’t go well together, it means you failed your style that day.


Then how do you choose the makeup that goes well with your hairstyle?

Um… I think it’s the most difficult question I’ve ever received today. Because the makeup that I do goes well with every hairstyle. (Laugh) I’m not kidding. This is how makeup is changing these days. It’s more natural so that it blends naturally into every style.

But I think I can say this. You can create different styles with makeup on the same day, with the same hairstyle. So, you change your style according to your mood. For example, even if you wear the same Mohawk hairstyle, smoky makeup will leave a much greater impression on people, but on the contrary, you can create a feminine style with soft makeup. Again, hair and makeup are inseparable.


How do you predict the summer 2021 hair style and makeup trends?

I don’t think hair will change much from last year, jumbo box braids, cornrows, or curly hair will continue to be the trend. Oh! I think crochet braids will become more popular in the future. I personally try many styles that go well with makeup, and I like to quickly create various looks with crochet braid products. It has the perfect hair style for your makeup!

As I said before, makeup that are glamorous but natural are in vogue. This will become even more in trend in the summer of 2021. Things like a full-coverage foundation look, light-touched forehead makeup, and light eyebrows. If you put on basic makeup like this, it will look good with any lip color and you’ll look radiant.

What changed after COVID-19?

Many things have changed, but the biggest change is the decrease in weddings. Doing bridal makeup is one of my main jobs, but after COVID broke out, weddings don’t happen as often as they used to, and the number of jobs fell sharply. Currently, my main customers are professional models who work in photography. Working with them is also fun, but I miss working with my original clients. Will it change this year? I heard people are getting a lot of vaccines. We’ll have to wait and see if this change continues.


How did you start working as a beautician?

I was studying in the medical field, but I kept thinking about what I loved to do. Like what work would be fun and fulfilling for the rest of my life.

Actually, I had been doing part-time jobs at weddings and proms as a Make Up-Artist (MUA). I was so happy when I did it. As I grew older and was about to choose a career for the future, my boyfriend and everyone around me kept telling me that this would work well with me. That’s what I thought, too. I started to take this more seriously after thinking about it over and over again.


How and where did you build your career?

I got my first job at Sephora. I did a lot of makeup there. I studied a lot at the same time. I had part-time jobs as a MUA for about a few years before I became a full-time worker. Now that I am working as a freelancer, doing makeup for many celebrities, I believe I am building a better career than before. It took a lot of effort and sacrifice.


How did you start collaborating with Golden State?

I got a call when I first started my makeup business. I think they found my Instagram account and contacted me. They contacted me to suggest that I participate in the makeup audition hosted by their company. I was also familiar with Golden State, so I gladly agreed. As expected, Golden State and I work so well together, we’re a dynamic duo.


Sharel Jackson, who works as a creative director at Golden State, also recalled the time when they started collaborating with Ashley.

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“Yeah! We contacted her first. It was about three years ago, and Ashley got the best grades at a makeup audition hosted by our company. Her hairstyle and makeup were great, so I recommended her to our ambassador, and soon she became our ambassador. Now, she is in charge of photography and promotion of all our products. In product shooting, she sets color combinations and textures with keen eyes. she also creates content as a brand ambassador.”

In fact, she uses RastAfri or Fashion source Wig to style popular hair products such as twists, braids, ponytails and clip-ins.

Sharel also agreed that Ashley and Golden State are a dynamic duo.

“Yes, we’re a real dynamic duo. Her most prominent strength is that she is open to change. This is very helpful when we develop new products. Also, Ashley has a very deep understanding of beauty. Especially, her ability to read trends in makeup and hair is excellent.  She is constantly developing and promoting makeup styles that go well with our products, Rast Afri or Fs Wig, so I think she



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