Knowing Quick Weave is the Key to Business

Knowing Quick Weave is the Key to Business

The hottest selling beauty supply item in the market these days is the closure and quick weave combo. The closure and quick weave are inseparable. This is because the quick weave cannot be fully achieved without a proper closure. In the event that the closure is not properly used, parts of the hair can be seen through the tracks of the weave, making it look unnatural. In addition, the closure acts as a protective layer for the scalp. Even if the heavy weave is not fully connected to the hair part, the closure covers the scalp and protects it from potential damage or risk of hair loss from the glue. Quick Weave has attracted the attention of many women this year as an extension trend. Rather than using Weaving Thread to connect weave to the hair, quick weave is more affordable and easier to use.



What is Quick Weave?
A word that almost all beauty supply store owners have heard before, quick weave, what does this mean? The most common way to make extensions used to be by using weaving thread on cornrows. Quick weave is exactly as the word suggests, a quick method that uses a cap to protect the scalp while gluing on the extensions on top of the cap. For the best results, it is important to put the cap on clean, shampooed hair in cornrows. Wearing a plastic cap under a stocking cap will prevent glue from getting on any real hair, which is the preferred method for many women. The great thing about quick weave is that beauty salon results can be achieved at home. Quick weave is a simple and efficient way to create a perfect hairstyle. This method is expected to continue to grow in popularity in the future as more and more people learn how effective it is through tutorials on social media or Youtube.



Quick Weave 101 Q&A


What types of quick weave are there?
The most common methods of quick weave is the Liquid Cap Method and the Stocking Cap Method. Both methods are very popular because it styles the hair without damaging the scalp or any hair underneath the cap. The liquid cap method is a technique that uses weave molding gel to set one’s hair down as close to the scalp as possible and then using a hairdryer to firmly set the hair in place. A weave wrap is then placed on top with glue and extensions can be made. The stocking cap method differs depending on the user but it is a method that attaches weave using glue on top of a stocking cap.



How long does quick weave last?
Quick weave can usually be used for 3-4 weeks. It is recommended to frequently cover the hair with a silk scarf or bonnet to prevent hair tangling. If using curly weave hair, use pin curls or rollers to keep the curls in place for longer periods of time.



How is quick weave removed?
Quick weave is one of the easiest protective hairstyles as the hair is styled on top of a cap and not directly on the scalp. While the application and styling is simple, removing the quick weave may take a little extra effort. Follow these step by step instructions to protect the scalp and avoid any damage. First, apply an oil based conditioner or hair oil and wait a few minutes for the glue to fall off with the oil. This will result in easily removing the weave. Second, rinse the hair and comb through the hair with a thick comb.



What is needed for Quick weave?
When doing quick weaves, the basic necessities are hair bonding glue, molding gel, hair glue, scissors, wig caps (color chosen by customer) and a hair dryer. Depending on the method that is being used, liquid cap method or the stocking cap method, materials will vary slightly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of quick weave?
-Easy to maintain
-Free from chemicals or heat on your hair and scalp
-Perfect for women who like to frequently change their hairstyle
-No damage to the natural hair and scalp



-If a protective sealer is not used, the glue can become attached to the hair or scalp.
-While waiting for the glue to finish drying after attaching the weave, shedding of the hair can happen while cutting the hair.

Quick weave, seeing is believing!
Quick weave is the best hairstyle for millennials because it significantly reduces the time and cost of styling. Furthermore, there are countless tutorials on how to do a quick weave on Youtube that make it easy for anyone to follow. See the Youtube videos below to learn two quick weave methods.

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