Know the standard of beauty of black women, know the product

Know the standard of beauty of black women, know the product


When ordering a product for sale at a store, there are some things that sell well if you bring them, even if at first you think, “Who will buy this?”. This is because the standard of beauty for black people is very different from Asians.  Pretty, normal, ugly. There are many other questions and discourse about the numerous aesthetic standards divided by dichotomy, due to the fact that beauty isn’t set by one individual, but by the society. Behind this system may be white supremacy or masculinity, or there may be a theory of the golden ratio. However, last year, in 2019, at a beauty pageant, the Big Three crowns all went to black, proving black power. This is evidence that black women’s standards of beauty are moving towards breaking prejudice and admitting diversity within the United States. In order to find out the standard of beauty of black women, BNB observed what kind of image they usually appeal to and looked at related products.

Gorgeous face and style rather than sweet and innocent

The reason why extra-long eyelashes and colorful nails are particularly popular with black people is because they like the splendor. In Asian standards, it is enough to be thought as ‘too excessive’. As for the face, they prefer a face that shows splendor rather than an innocent and simple face that Asians prefer. Neon, pink, glitter, and chrome are popular for nails. Masks that have rhinestones or colorful patterns are preferred, as masks have recently become essential products due to corona.

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Long and straight hair

Even after the trend of curls in beauty supplies come ad go, the hairstyle that sells the most consistently is probably straight hair. For black women, wigs are lipstick and high heels. Storyteller Cheyenne Cochran, a black woman, said in a TED Talk that black people’s natural hair is very curly, and they usually try numerous chemical and physical modifications to make straight hair that shines from an early age. She found that most of the successful women in American society are also consistently oriented towards straight hair. Why do they choose a straight hairstyle at the risk of using chemicals? Maybe it’s because American society implicitly associates straight hair with words like wealth, success, intelligence, and beauty.


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Straight white teeth

All cultures like white and straight teeth, but if you look at advertisements by black influencers on social media, you can see a lot of products for teeth whitening products, regardless of age or sex. As such, the craving for white and neat teeth is stronger than that of other races. This is because the teeth stand out even more by contrasting with their skin color. The charcoal teeth whitening products sold by Beauty Supply are also loved by many, and celebrities are eagerly participating in the product marketing of teeth whitening companies. Floyd Mayweather, a representative black boxer, has also launched a product called ‘Snow teeth whitening Kit’

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A voluminous body and a slim waist

The phrase “skinny body is sexy” has never been heard in black culture. The body type that meets the standard of black beauty is curvy. Because of this, there are many people who want to gain weight. That is why the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure, which is unfamiliar to Asians, is prevalent among African American women. Related products typically include weight gaining syrup and waist shaper. Even when exercising for a constricted waist, you can see that they have a waist shaper on their abdomen. Also, unlike other races who take selfies centered on their faces, black people who emphasize their bodies take a selfie of their backs to show off their voluminous hips. The reason for wearing bike shorts or tight dresses is that it is important to show your body. *BBL(Brazilian Butt Lift ): Cosmetic surgery in which fat from the abdomen or thigh is extracted and put into the buttocks

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Thick lips, deep eyes, chiseled face  

They prefer voluminous lips that are turned up in the corners rather than thin lips. When applying lipstick, they make a lip line that is larger than their own and polish it with lip plumper or lip gloss. For the eyes, they prefer a deep and clear line to create a rather dark eyebrow and apply a bright concealer on the brow bone to lighten the brow line to define it. In addition, a face shape with an angular and chiseled characteristics is considered to be pretty rather than a soft face shape. Contouring, bronzer, and highlighter that shades the face are also popular.

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Cohesive style, strong colors

Black people prefer intense colors, and bright primary colors look relatively better on them than other races. This applies to both hair, nails, and makeup, and often times, you may see a consumer buy items cohesively, in which customers choose makeup, shoes, and wigs to match the clothes they bought. It is very important for them to produce a style that matches color. This thought to be because bright toned accessories or hair make the skin color stand out.

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“Light skinned or Dark skinned?” even-toned light skin

The phenomenon of preference for light skin has recently decreased, but there is still a perception that bright skin is implicitly more beautiful for blacks who have grown up in the society of the United States under the white beauty standards. To change this perception, there are many movements with the message that dark skins are also beautiful, but when black celebrities begin to become famous, their skin tone gradually becomes whiter, such as Beyonce. The message in advertisements, ‘brighter than your own skin tone’, is subtle. This is the reason why the whitening product line continues to sell. Particularly, great efforts are put into making the skin tone even without dark areas. The word ‘Whitening’ is a word with a racist element, so it is called ‘Lightening’ or ‘bleaching’ or ‘Fade’ in the market.

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Hair Trend  BY Kyounghyun Han

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