Kids Braids Made With Mom’s Heart

Kids Braids Made With Mom’s Heart

Hot items to score summer sales

Similar look, a matching outfit in similar materials or colors, is in trend. In the past, you would wear identical items for a couple look. Today, many couples and families opt in for similar looks that provides a blending and right for everyone look. In America, you would call it matching outfits. Often, you even style the hair similarly. To customers who are looking for special items this summer for similar looks for a picnic or vacation with children and those who want a special style for the upcoming back-to-school season, you can pitch Kids Braids to grab their attention. We gathered items to steal the kids-accompanying customers’ heart and to increase beauty supplies sales and listed them here.

Boss Kids by Bobbi Boss is a product line consisting Just Glam 30 3x, L&T Afro Twista 12 2x, Happy Curl 6x 2x, and Petite Water Wave 6 2x. Featuring moist and lightweight texture, it is set in hot water for a quick to style and easy to maintain look. With an exception of Just Glam, every product is suitable for crochet interlocking.


Sensationnel® brings hair length and quantity optimized for styling with LuLu MiniTM (2x Bohemian 10″, 2X Deep Wave 10″, 2X Water Wave 10″, and 2X Passion Twist 10″) and X-Pression® 3X Pre-Stretched Braid Kids 28″. They bring extra joy with coloring patterns on the packaging for kids to enjoy while braiding and with safety of fire-retardant high quality fiber.

Upgraded hair texture is light and soft that eliminates skin irritation for sensitive skin and prevents discomfort after an extended wear. Tangle-free and soft raw fiber protects mom’s finger during styling, and to save time, it comes pre-stretched and pre-layered. It is especially suitable for active kids because not only is it easy to braid but also the locs do not loosen easily. Suitable for crotchet braiding and available in basic colors and two-tone colors for creating a unique look.


Realistic Ghana Kids by Beauty Element come in three styles, Afro Twist, Butterfly Locs Water, and Butterfly Locs. Specially designed for kids, they are easy to wear and comfortable. 8–9 inches length allows a tidy style with reduced volume.


Outre’s Lil Looks Springy Afro Twist uses 100% premium Kanekalon fiber for an added light-feel, and its crochet loops allow quick and easy styling. Great for a vivacious look!


6x Kids I Define Easy Braid 30” This 6-piece bundle can complete a kid’s style with a single pack and is pre-stretched for a quick and easy installation. Soft and natural textured fiber minimizes the skin irritation and is antibacterial to guard your kids from germs.

Kids Box Braid Series Kids Box Braid Series come with pre-made crochet loop for an easy installation, and they are handmade strand-by-strand to create a natural-looking box braid. They are designed to make installation quick and easy and come in styles with various curls at the bottom through hot water set.

Kids Crochet Series With kids-perfect 10″ length, these kids crochet products are individually packaged per strand and pre-stretched to reduce hair loss and damage during installation as well as make it very easy. Handpicked texture minimizes the skin roughness and tangling for kids, and the products can be shared with moms who like to wear short hair.

Kids Locs Series Easy to install with crochet loop, the handmade product maintains loc shape well. It comes in various curl patterns set with hot water, which is normally not safe for kids’ hair. The wide range of offering make sure kids to find the one they like.

Kids Rock Series Kid Rock series are mainly of twist styles and come with pre-formed crochet loop in pre-stretched styles, so they are perfect for active kids so that they can wear them without worrying about tangling. Various thickness and curl patterns allow a great freedom in choice.


Freetree Kids braids is SNG’s kids-friendly crotchet braid collection that offers lightweight, easy-to-style, protective styles. It is also great for adults who like short braids.


Motown Tress offers a lightweight braid with natural texture, making them perfect for kids. It is less prone to itchiness and easy to wear. C.2SPRNG9 is pre-styled, twisted Spring Twist style in 9″ length; CCG.9M is an economic item enabling to finish a style with a 4-pack curly goddess loc bundle in 9″ length; and C.PASSN103 is passion twist style with soft-to-touch curls at the tip and comfort fit with lightweight in 10″ length.


Two birds with a stone in braids

Hair products for kids that promote healthy hair growth!

While kids’ braids satisfy the kids’ desire to look pretty, there are products to protect their hair and promote healthy growth. You can recommend these to the parents who shop for their kids.

Firstline has Camryn’s BFF® Edge Pocket Satin Bonnet marketed for kids and great for all of natural, straightened, long, and braided hair. Luxurious satin fabric keeps the hairstyle intact while in sleep, and it reduces hair breakage and frizzy hair. A hair cover sustaining pocket promotes healthy hair growth. Edge controlling hair band maintains the edge hairs soft and tidy. Size-adjusting drawstring keeps hair from slipping out during sleep for comfort and secure fit.


Touchdown Edge Tamer by SM Beauty protects your skin and hair and nourishes them with coconut oil, aloe, and argan oil in a light gel formula. The developed-for-kids formula controls curly hair, maintains braids, and tames their baby hair for a tidy look. It does not peel off, flake, or leave residue after application on hair.


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