Keeping Up With The Best Kids Hair Trends

Keeping Up With The Best Kids Hair Trends


With Easter approaching, parents everywhere are anxious of how to dress and style their children. It is time to take off the thick winter coats and hats and replace them with lovely, bright colors needed to greet the Spring weather that returns with Easter. Let’s look at the best hairstyles for children that are fashionable yet still cute and lovely.

1. A Calm Fairy Lady
An Easter hairstyle does not mean it has to be vibrant or special. Braids that are nicely braided or braided pigtails will still give off an innocent and lovely vibe. Pair this hairstyle with a ribbon or flower and slip on a dress of your choice!


2. Very Feminine, Wave Style
It is a mistake to think that a wave style would not be appropriate for a child because of their young age. Try out the thick wave style to make your child look like an absolute princess. After styling, make sure to spritz the hair with hairspray to keep the waves from falling out. A tiara or headband would be the ultimate touch.


3. Cute Half-up Hairstyle
A style only black children can pull off with their natural and beautiful hair. Make buns on only the top part of the head for the cutest look. This style can be completed with various accessories.


4. Neat Classic Style
A classic style that best suits any Easter dress. The braids with a side bun style is a lovely hairstyle that also has a neat image that is guaranteed to stay in place even if the children play around. Add a medium sized flower that matches the dress or any accessories!


5. Cute Buns
If you’re tired of the basic cornrow style as well as a simple bun style, why not combine the two and make it into one hairstyle? First, divide both sides into
neat cornrows and tie the rest into a bun. A long ribbon wrapped around the bun or a shiny accessory will add the perfect amount of pop.

6. Ribbons!
It is an easy and simple hairstyle with the main point of this hairstyle being the ribbon. A specific size, color or placement of a ribbon can change the entirety of the style. Secure the corn-rows on the head with a bun on top or braided extensions and add the ribbon.


7. All Natural
Sometimes, simple is the best for a sophisticated and natural look. A dress with a plain flower or ribbon in the hair will create a lovely look. The natural look
prevents hair from tangling and makes it easy to maintain..


8. Garnish with a Flower Crown!
A flower crown made with big and shiny flowers is very cute and bright. Make the flower crown yourself at home with colors that match the Easter dress for the perfect look. Various styles such as a bun that is neatly held or cornrows will be the perfect compliment the flower crown.


9. Transform the Mohawk!
Transform the mohawk style that has been considered for only male children into a lovely and feminine style for your daughter’s Easter look! Divide the hair into multiple sections and tie each sec-tion until it resembles the mohawk style. A simple ribbon placed on top creates a completely new touch to the hairstyle. It is a very easy hairstyle that is perfect for special occasions and everyday wear!

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