In The Untact Era & DIY Trend, Pay Attention to Nail Sales!

In The Untact Era & DIY Trend, Pay Attention to Nail Sales!


As the COVID-19 crisis is prolonged, customers are starting self-nails one by one. This is because it is not only necessary to spend time and money on regular visits to the nail salon, but also because of hygiene issues highlighted by the coronavirus crisis. Therefore, even if there are nail salons that have been opened, people are reluctant to visit them. Because many sales dealers for nail supplies are, other than online stores, looking for beauty supply stores, knowing what kind of products they have and what sells can be used as an opportunity for consumers to get used to self-nails. Let’s find out what design will be popular in the second half of this year.


Best D.I.Y. Products Recommended by Nail Specialists


Simple nail tips
Of the many self-nail methods, the simplest and fastest way to complete them is with a glue-on nail tip. If the nails are short, the tips, or artificial nails, can be attached to create a longer looking effect. It is not easy for people who are not good with their hands to get the design they want neatly, but glue-on nails make nails look like professional salon nails just by attaching them to finger or toenails. The duration is about seven days, and quality nail tips are certainly economical because they can be reused.




Beginner Acrylic Kit
Sales of acrylic kits that are inexpensive and easy for beginners to use are rising. Acrylics mix solvents and acrylic powders and place the mixture on top of nails or tips to extend their nails. Beginners prefer cheap and basic kits. The products that can be purchased together are nail glue and extension tips. Sassi, a nail brand, also sells Deluxe kits (14 items) and Texas kits (16 items) for customers who want to become more professional.



Gel Nails
Gel nails are more natural and shinier than acrylic nails. Acrylic is a mixture of powder and solvent, whereas gel nails are usually hardened by applying gel nail polish and placing the nails in a UV-Light lamp for 1 minute that hardens the gel. The general gel nail method requires a UV lamp, but recently, a product that does not require a UV lamp has been released for easy use even by beginners. For customers who already have UV lamps, you could also sell gel colors at your store.



Easy and Long-Lasting Deep Powder
It’s not just about applying nails with a brush. For those who have difficulty applying nail polish, deep powder, a method of simply dipping nails into powder, is the trend. It’s easy, but it lasts for up to three weeks. What makes it more attractive than gel nails is that you don’t need an LED lamp to harden your nails. The Salon dip product released by Kiss is simple to use. After applying the base coat like a manicure, dip the nails into powder and repeat the dipping process for the desired color, buff and finish with an Activator solution. To remove, it is easily done by immersing the nail in acetone for 10-15 minutes without any other work.



Nail grooming tools and nail removal supplies
In general, when extending nails, various tools are required to shape nails and remove cuticles. The electric nail file, which can be used by changing replaceable files, can provide professional care at home that is likely to be received at salons. Nails are often removed with acetone, but gel nails are recommended to be removed using a UV gel-specific remover rather than acetone.



Care Products for Customers Taking a Break
When you extend the nail, you need to refill it once every 2-3 weeks as the nail grows. This is because after removing the tip, the nail becomes thin like a sheet of paper. Manicure or refilling may not be possible if the damage is severe. When it is not possible to continue refilling, many people rest and concentrate on caring their nails. This is especially true when hygiene is emphasized, and hands need to be washed frequently. In this case, strengthening agents, cuticle oil, and nutritional supplements are recommended to restore damaged nails with nail extension.



Nail accessories and nail guide tape
Black customers who like gorgeous things will not be satisfied with a simple solid color design. In order to stand out more, it is common to make it a little extra with nail stones. There are also customers who decorate an entire nail with nail stones. The nail accessory kit can provide a variety of options to the guests, and a nail guide sticker can be prepared for those who need to apply French nails or colors separately.


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