Hollywood Hair Bar

Hollywood Hair Bar

– Not just an Online business anymore

Happy New year! To start off 2022, I am bringing you some fabulous news. For the past 3 years in the Social Media world of marketing and online stores, there is a hair care brand that is taking everyone by storm. This is a multi-generational brand that can grow hair on people dealing with alopecia, balding, & help cradle cap on babies as well! An all-natural hair regrowth serum that you will see growth in as little as three days is something that is unheard of. This mind blowing brand is called Holly wood Hair Bar, and I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one interview with the owner and talk about this wonderful money-making line.

Who is Tiffany Rose Dean, the owner of Hollywood Hair Bar(HHB products)?

When I first met Tiffany, I was immediately blown away by how she presented herself. Her first impression made everything make sense on why her brand is the brand that everyone talking about. Her professional background itself was very impressive. She was already used to making “Stars” out of artists, actors and musicians within the actual “Hollywood Circle”, so it was time to move on and make other things famous. It was her own Hair Care Brand, which she was always fond of as a child growing up shopping at the community beauty supply stores.

Tiffany focused on a wide range of All Natural Products that traditionally were not available on the market and created formulas that work for all hair types. She historically changed the game in the area of hair growth products. Hollywood Hair Bar products are designed to work and offer Mind Blowing Results. Most importantly, Tiffany Rose creates Beauty Products to inspire.

— Here are some interview questions–

How long have you been in business and was there a turning point in life that made you decide to start HHB?

“Hollywood Hair Bar has been in business for 3 years. It was launched in September 2018.

The turning point was me walking away from my 20yr Celebrity Fashion Styling career, because I saw a need for all natural hair growth products that are life changing. I have witnessed the craze of Lace Front Wigs and the devastating aftermath that many women had to deal with, which was their hair loss. That was a pain point and a problem that I knew I could solve for my consumers. I was on a mission”


What was the most difficult obstacle that you had to overcome with HHB?

“The most difficult obstacle that I had to overcome was proving that my product worked to the masses. When we first hit the internet shelves, we had to deal with “nay sayers”, and the internet trolls attempting to discredit all of our amazing reviews and testimonies. We had to buckle our bootstraps and deal with the doubters and soon they became believers! We overcame that hurdle and now we are a household name! With. Over 1 MILLION Bottles sold, Anyone that hears the name Hollywood Hair Bar now knows it Truly WORKS!”

What is one of the most memorable moments that you can recall running HHB?

“My most memorable moment was when My bank, the credit card merchant processor told me that HHB was in the top 1% of all online stores. I was very proud of the hard work that I poured into this amazing all-natural beauty brand”


Do you have a mentor you look up to?

“My Mother & Father Jonathan & Angela Dean. They have been my mentors my entire life. I come from an entrepreneurial household. My mother and Father own a few Fashion Brands- Deanzign Designer Collections, Shaped By An Angel & The Angela Dean Collection”


Who has helped you the most in this business?

“My Hollywood Hair Barbz (Our Customers) have helped the most. They took the brand to the next level. All of HHB’s initial success was 100% organic and based on customer feedback, word of mouth, social media shares & 5 Star Reviews. The first 15 months of business we didn’t spend $1 on advertising or marketing, Our Products made such a positive impact on our customer base that they organically marketed the product to their friends, family members and social media followers.”


When did you realize you were successful?

“I realized I was successful when major media and press coverage started to circulate across the internet and in magazines. My Dream came true when Forbes wrote me up and published our Sales Revenue of 40 Million Dollars in 2 years. SnapChat Highlighted HHB as well as Yahoo Finance & Black Enterprise Magazine just name a few!


What is your ultimate and final goal for HHB?

 “I want Hollywood Hair Bar to be a Legacy Brand. A brand that is known for revolutionary products with high quality ingredients that continues to set trends in the beauty industry.


If there is anything you would like to advise others when thinking about starting a business, what will it be?  

 “Make Sure you have an amazing product that WORKS! It sounds painfully obvious, but especially in the beauty industry, most products don’t actually do what they say they will. It’s so important to have integrity and to take your time in the developmental Process to ensure you are releasing a quality product. It’s not about gaining one-time customers, it’s about customer loyalty and finding those people who will continue to use your product time and time again. “When you offer an amazing product that works, customers will continue to shop with you, your return customer rate will grow, and you can scale as long as you continue to market your product.”


Our beauty hair care industry is so unique that it seems over saturated at times, but there is always room for growth. So, every time I run into a brand, such as Hollywood Hair Bar, I really want to encourage our industry to embrace the newcomers and innovators with open arms because they can lead to new ideas that can help revolutionize our small and diverse community of consumers and business owners. That said, after the interview, I asked Tiffany. Are you ready to go into retail (meaning off-line). She said yes! Actually, she will be ready to launch in early 2022. What does this mean for you? It means get your shelves ready. ALL the Millions of consumers that are loyal to Hollywood Hair Bar will be coming into your stores asking for it.


Hollywood Hair Bar regrowth products Line:

Hollywood Hair Bar’s (HHB Products) Hair Regrowth Serum

It was created for people with catastrophic hair loss who were told that their hair would never grow back and to give up trying. The “Secret Sauce” to Hollywood Hair Bar Hair Regrowth Serum is made from high-end, highly effective all natural essential oils, herbs and fruit oils that penetrate the scalp to help grow back the hairlines and edges, fill in the bald spots and grow the hair SUPER FAST!


Hollywood Hair Bar’s (HHB Products) Growth Edge Control

Hollywood Hair Bar’s Edge Control provides a long lasting and maximum hold for creating sleek and smooth styles. It will Grow Your Hair and stop any itching in your scalp. It can be used to hairlines, eyebrows, sideburns, new hair growth, beards, mustaches and more. Edge Control made with 100% Jojoba Oil, applies dry, so stays sleek when styling hair frizzes to be flat, smoothed-out and under complete control.


Hollywood Hair Bar’s (HHB Products) Super Grow-Scalp Revitalizing Balm

Unique in its ability to relieve itchy scalp, splitting ends, dullness, and provides the roots with necessary oils and nutrients to promote healthy hair. This is a hair grease that offers quick results and grows hair extremely fast!

Hollywood Hair Bar’s (HHB Products) Hair Regrowth tea Rinse (Conditioner)

It includes the Top Herbs for Hair, like Jasmine that has antimicrobial properties that makes it a great to keep your scalp free from infections, in the Tea Blend. You can actually drink this tea and you can also use directly on your hair as a hair tea conditioning rinse. Leave the conditioning tea rinse on the hair for about 3-5 minutes for regular conditioning and 30 minutes for deep conditioning, then Rinse Hair and Style.


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