Half Wig’s Infinite Styling Options

Half Wig’s Infinite Styling Options

Tips for fabulous styling with half wigs

In addition to being practical, the relatively affordable and easy-to-wear half wigs, compared to lace front wigs and full-size wigs, provide infinite styling options. Let’s find out how to wear a half wig like it’s your own hair and look stylish.

Half wig vs. full wig, what’s the difference?

Most of all, half wigs are much smaller in size as you can expect from the name. Half wigs are also known as three-quarter wigs, and they have clips on both front and back for attachment unlike full wigs.

When choosing a half wig, you should match the hair color with your own hair so that it can blend in easily. For women who lost hair volume to aging, half wigs are an economical and convenient way to increase volume and style your hair quickly and easily without much of an effort. If you choose right hair texture and color, it can deliver a much more natural-looking style than a full wig.

You affix two comb-like clips on the front and back of a half wig to your hair

How do you wear a half wig to look most natural?

The first thing is that you choose a wig in color that is closest to your natural hair color. Divide your own hair into two parts and leave the hair about 1-2 inches from your hairline (starting from an ear to the other) and affix the front and back of the wig with incorporated comb-like clips. After putting the wig on, you can hide the front fringe of the half wig by blending it with the hair you left along the hairline. You can simply wear a headband or scarf for a trendy look.

Various styles with half wigs ©LifeWithTabitha

Rubber bands can be used for a stylish look with a half wig. ©Nae. Simone Youtube

Retro-trend: headband half wigs return

Half wigs with attached headband have been sitting in the beauty supply displays, but they are being updated for a new release, inspired by retro trends. They maintain the comfort of headband half wigs of the old days while adding various colors and modern curls to attract younger consumers who don’t like wearing wigs. Compared to the traditional half wigs, headband half wigs are not affixed by comb-like clips on the front and back but by elastic bands, so they do not add unnecessarily stress on the scalp and feel more comfortable. Accordingly, you may maximize your comfort by trying various hairstyles that can cover and hide the headband with half wigs.

©Courtney Jinean Youtube

No leave out with half wigs?

A leave out is your own hair that you leave before adding extensions. Earlier we mentioned that you should leave some of your hair to cover the fringe of a half wig. No leave out means you do not leave any of your hair. No leave out styling has an advantage of having no need to match wig hair texture with your own hair, so you can choose various curls of half wigs. The technique requires you to pull the half wig as front as possible to maximize the coverage of wig hair to hide the fringe of the half wig.

No leave out style with a half wig utilizing the voluminous curl. ©STYLE ME B Youtube

No leave out style with a headband half wig. Notably, braids were used to hide the headband area in the first photo. ©Ambre Renee Youtube


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