Hair Trends on the Rise with Generation Z

Hair Trends on the Rise with Generation Z


What are the most trendy hairstyles amongst black teenagers that have a variety of hair textures? Perfect for consumers of Generation Z, some of the hottest and trendiest hairstyles found on instagram and other social media have been collected.

1. Dreadlocks

For teenageres with long or thick hair, dreadlocks are the best choice. The more twist the dreadlock has, the stronger the style portrayed will be. If you have a short hair, try the Marley style style to get a dreadlock similar style.

Face Shape: Square
Hair Length: Long Curly Hair
Expert Tip: Dreadlocks guarantee the prevention of moisture. Always use a dryer to dry it and do not smell your head.

2. Box Braid

The box braid is appropriate for people of all ages and is especially popular amongst African American women. The best feature of the box braid is that it can be transformed into a variety of designs.

Face Type: Oval
Hair Length: Any length
Expert Tip: Wash your hair at least two days before braiding and make sure to use a good conditioner to pre-vent the hair from popping out after it has been braiding.

3. Cornrows

Cornrows are the most practical and universal hairstyle for black women. It is the easiest to maintain for teenagers. Unlike the box braid or dreadlocks, cornrows can be styled by adding synthetic hair exten-sions or using a sponge roller to create the perfect finish.

Face Shape: Oval or Long
Hair Length: Medium to Long
Expert Tip: In order to avoid getting the cornrows sweaty, it is best to style the hair in a cool and dry place or near a fan. It also takes a long time to style so use a pillow to relax your body during the process.

4. Goddess Braid

The Goddess Braid creates a very feminine and bright hairstyle that gives off the vibe of a tiara. It can be thought of as a thicker version of the cornrow hairstyle. The Goddess Braid gives a clean image and can be completed with the use of braid extensions.

Face Shape: Oval or Long
Hair Length: Hair length does not mat-ter due to the use of hair extensions
Expert Tip: Put moisturizer on the hair before braiding. This will prevent hair breakage and make it easier to braid.


5. Classic Bob

The bob style is the most simple and easy to maintain for teenagers.

Face shape: Round or Oval
Hair Style: Short
Expert Tip: Use styling gel to make the hair shiny, glossy and soft looking.


6. Braid out

The braid out style is most popular amongst teenagers. This hairstyle is made by braiding damp hair that is set overnight and then loosened to reveal natural curls. Adding a scarf or headband can create different looks and can be created with girls with short hair as well.

Face Type: Oval, Round
Hair Style: Short or Long
Expert Tip: Fix the curls with gel for long-lasting curls.


7. Ballerina Bun

For a clean yet enduring look, buns are sold in a variety of sizes and styles to create the perfect ballerina look. Make sure to use gel or spray to keep the buns in place. The buns can also be styled to create a mickey mouse hairstyle that is very trendy recently.

Face Shape: Oval
Hair Length: Medium to Long
Expert tip: After all the hair is in place, use a gel or lock spray to keep it in place.


8. Fishtail ponytail

The fishtail ponytail is much tidier and refined than a french braid. This style is perfect for teenagers as it can be styled in various ways.

Face Shape: Oval
Hair Style: Long Hair
Expert Tip: Placing the ponytail where you want it before dividing it into two pieces will make it easier to get the results you want. Do not forget to finish with hairspray!

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