Hair Influencers’ Picks

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Hair Influencers’ Picks


Hairstyles and hair products are in an inseparable relationship. To express a desired hairstyle, you need requisite tools that fit the purpose. Today’s consumers started to show preference to the video clips introducing hairstyles and hair products together. We introduce two hot influencers who frequently upload videos that satisfy consumers’ needs of today.

From a Viewer to a Top Beauty YouTuber, Peak Mill

Khadijah Sanni, better known as Peak Mill on YouTube, is a renowned hair professional from Nigeria. Her secret to a long-running success since 2011 is probably her signature humbleness. Despite her remarkable success at a young age, in her video and self-introduction, she points out that she wants to be a good person and not to lose her original self.

Although she started without having a set goal, she soon focused on how to wear wigs and successfully attracted many viewers’ eyes.

Do as I Do Just Like This?! Revealing Her Biggest Secrets to Maintaining Soft Hair

The most desired content, wig maintenance hacks, and her hairstyling secrets are disclosed in this one video. She shows her confidence in the video, saying her video will change people’s life. She introduces a variety of products with explanations as to how to maintain the shine and bounce of wigs.


CLAIROL Shimmer lights purple shampoo



She soaked her glued wigs in Shimmer lights diluted in water for 5 to 10 minutes. This shampoo is specialized in bringing out color while it is also good for dry and damaged hair. Many reviewers mentioned that the shampoo made the color of hair more vivid.

KISS Colors Tintation Semi-Permanent hair color



You can finish coloring your wig by submerging a developed wig in a big bowl of boiling water with a teaspoonful of coloring agent for five minutes. Consumers love the fact it can minimize the damages on hair and maintain colors semi-permanently. It also covers a wide variety of preferences with 47 different colors.

Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll



It is used to calm down the top hair. Jane Cater Solution’s Wrap & Roll is known for being the softest among the wrapping products available in the market. The natural glycerides, also featuring essential oils, can leave your hair soft and shiny. It is applicable to both wet and dry hair.

Ion Repair Solutions Deed Daily Conditioner



She opted in for ION’s Repair conditioner to prevent stiffness and damages to moisture barrier after coloring. This product is specialized in moisturizing and enriched with hair repairing ingredients such as proteins and vitamins.


From Drawing to R&B, an All-around Artist Bri Hall

Her first video that attracted a lot of interest was not about beauty but about drawing. Around 2011, she started to post videos of her drawing in front of a camera, and the audience paid attention because of her artistic expressions. She first inspired people with her arts, and at her fans requests, she eventually revealed her face. Subsequently, she posted hair and makeup videos. About nine years later, she is now well established as a top trendsetter in California.

People have strong tendency to imitate arts while culturing dreams and inspirations. Just like singers who identify themselves as musicians and artists can garner more attention from people, her artistic soul makes people to pay more attention to her and imitate her styles. She recently made a contract with a music label and released an R&B album as a singer.


A Sleek Ponytail Hairdo that Looks Even More Friendly with Clumsy Hands.

Her video clip, “I Tried a Sleek IG Ponytail on My Natural Hair Send Help”, covers the entire process of Sleek Ponytail styling using synthetic hair products on natural hair. As she explained, her progress was not so smooth and highlighted her lack of skills, but it rather encourages viewers to try her methods without worrying too much.


Outre Wrap Ponytail Pretty Quick Sleek Straight 36″



This is a premium synthetic product from Outre. It is made of the most soft and natural materials, for which customers have reported relatively high satisfaction. Thanks to the ease of application, anyone can adapt to the product and utilize it. Bri Hall explained that she chose this product because it had good quality and was easy to use, and she gave it the honor of being the best among the products she acquainted so far.

Alikay naturals Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer



Hair moisture supplements containing yogurt extracts in addition to other natural ingredients for added freshness and mineral contents. It provides vitamins and proteins while locking the moisture in for a sustainable shine on hair.

MORFOSE Aqua Hair Gel Wax



Morfose Aqua Gel Wax is one of the best waxes for styling. The application area would appear lustful with shine, and it can be easily rinsed off with shampoo. It works best when applied to hair without added moisture.

KISS Edge Fixer Glued Maximum Hold



Edge Fixer Glued from Kiss boasts lasting hold. It holds every hair with the strength of bond, and it contains Biotin (Vitamin B7) that helps strengthen hair strands. In addition, available in 12 kinds of sweet scents, it will certainly satisfy the diverse tastes of consumers.

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