Hair Clippers, Another Huge Trend Created by COVID-19

Hair Clippers, Another Huge Trend Created by COVID-19


In Korea, “Hair Clippers” are unfamiliar machines that you can see at hair salons or barbershops, but in the U.S., they are common tools at home. There are a lot of Americans who do most of the things on their own, and many of them cut their hair by themselves. In addition, the months-long quarantine conducted in the Corona situation took even those who used hair salons or barbershops in the front of their own mirrors.

For proof, the ‘Hair Clipper’ fiasco broke out in Amazon in early April when quarantine began. The hair clippers were all sold out because the salons were forced to close. Industry insiders predict that those who bought hairdressing machines during this period will continue to be self-treated in the future, so the insiders are busy preparing related items.

The more you understand hair clippers, the more ideas you will have to sell all the items you have. To help readers understand, the BNB conducted an analysis of the use and pros and cons of hair clippers.
Hair clippers are classified into three categories. Powerful ‘Detachable’, ‘Adjustable’ to cover various applications, and ‘Trimmer’ for finishing arrangement and shaving.



Just Like a Powerful Sports Car, the Detachable Blade Clipper!

It’s suitable for cutting Asian or long African hair quickly. To continue cutting thick and tough hair, you need a strong motor and sharp edge. Detachable Blade Clippers are the most powerful hair clippers in use today.
Just as a good driver is needed to take advantage of a sports car with a powerful engine, a hairdresser or an old DIY career is needed to make use of the advantages of a Detachable Blade Clipper. Some point out that it isn’t efficient because in order to adjust the length of the blade, it requires changing the entire blade. Also, due to the strong motor, it is inappropriate for delicate work.


Andis – Supra ZR® II Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper
The rising star, Andis Supra, has a detachable battery that is easy to replace and has the convenience of maintaining a constant force. Also, all kinds of hair cutting are possible based on its powerful motor. The motor also has five speeds from 1,800 to 3,800 per minute and is equipped with ceramic blades to maximize cutting power.



Oster® – Classic 76® Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable
There’s a saying, ‘oldies are goodies.’ For professional customers, Oster products are most loved, and many people find the reason in Classic 76 models. It is equipped with the highest speed motor, so even the stubbornest hair can be easily cut off. Not only is it fast, but it is also a product that many experts use because the power of torque that forces the blade is well implemented. It is also made of stainless steel, so it is durable and keeps sharp for a long time.



Wahl Professional 5 Star Mentor detachable Blade Clipper
It is a favorite product for busy barbers. The clipper has four removable blades for smooth fading. The strong two-stage motor clipper a product that can be used with maximum power and extendable motor life. In addition to mass hair removal, fading is precise.




Adjustable Blade Clipper, Multi-talented Chameleon-like Charm!

Currently, it is the most popular type of beauty supply. As its name implies, it is a product that the length of the blade can be freely adjusted during use. The length of the blade is longer when the button attached to the handle is placed on ‘open’, and the length is shorter when placed on ‘close’. There are also products with fine-grained blade lengths that can create a variety of styles with just one machine.
Because the motor’s power is somewhat reduced, it is inappropriate to cut a large amount of hair at once, so most experts use it in parallel with the Detachable Blade. Also, due to the slow blading speed, the hair is pushed while cut, making the cross section untidy.
As it is one of the most popular products, there are many popular products.


Andis – Master Adjustable Blade Clipper
This is Andis’ number one Clipper. Magnetic motors are used to provide high blade speed and cutting power. It can be raised to 14,000 per minute and has proper stokes. Ideal for use by both professionals and the general public and made of aluminum. The noise is also very soft.



Panasonic – ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper
Panasonic, which has long been recognized around the world, has recently been in the spotlight among American consumers. It has the world’s fastest motor speed and can be used continuously for 50 minutes. The material, which is made of carbon fiber and titanium, is equipped with ten-length blades and adds to the luxury of the product. The weight is relatively light, and the product specifications tailored to the U.S. are enough to satisfy consumers.



Remington – HKVAC2000 Vacuum Hair Clipper
This product is closely trailing behind the BIG 3 Adjustable Blade Clipper market share. The 18 kits can be used in a wide variety of ways and are equipped with dual motors, so it has durability and stamina. A vacuum suction function that absorbs hair has also been introduced. Many say that the size of the suction bottle is very large and practical.



Oster – Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper
It is the standard product of adjustable blade clippers. Pivot motors are used and the process of changing devices for other purposes is easy after cutting. While there is less noise, this performs its role as a clipper without lack. The assessment of durability also plays a major role in the product’s longevity.



Wahl – Peanut White Clipper
It looks playful and light, but it’s made for professionals. In other words, it is not lacking in terms of function. It weighs less than 4 ounces and is shorter than 4 inches in length. It is also equipped with trimmer functions, making it convenient and possible for the four accessories to create a variety of hairstyles.



Wahl – NO. 8500 SENIOR
Perhaps because it is the oldest clipper model in Wahl, its name is Senior. The powerful v9000 electromagnetic motor is built in to make it an Adjustable clipper with no problem cutting a large amount of hair. It is the longest-loved product in the U.S. because it is sturdy, durable and has a good grip. Easy tapering, blending and fingading.




The beauty finisher, Trimmer!

It is a product line that stands at the opposite point with Detachable blade clippers. It has the weakest motor of the three clippers, but it removes short hair with its very tight blades. It actually has the same function as a razor, so it’s perfect for removing whiskers from your chin or cheeks.
It’s almost impossible to trim long hair with a trimmer. The utilization of this suite is limited to short hair trimming or shaving, so there is some ambiguity in the category of hair clippers. People in modern times perceive it as a device outside the category of clipper.



Andis – T-Outliner® T-Blade Trimmer
It is the most common and widely used product. It is equipped with magnetic motors and has cost-effectiveness. It’s a great product for DIY entrants with its easy-to-use motor speed. Smooth use and high-quality cutting power cover various kinds of hair.



Oster® – T-Finisher® T-Blade Trimmer
It is a multi-purpose trimmer ideal for organizing around ears, sideburns and neck lines. It is the most popular product in the T-finisher series among Oster products, and all hairdressers must have seen it once or twice. Of course, it is also possible to trim or shave neatly. Because it is a multi-purpose product, it can be applied to all toolkits.



Wahl – Lithium-Ion™ Vacuum Trimmer
One of the trimmers with the most powerful motors. It can operate for up to 90 minutes using lithium-ion power and has an indicator that can see the state of charge. It is also fun to choose and use two heads together. The price and various components that are not so expensive compared to the function seem to be enough to satisfy consumers.


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