“Great for Recharging Your Style”

“Great for Recharging Your Style”

Learn 2022 Tattoo Trend Through Keywords

The cold winter is going away, and the Covid-19 situation is getting better. As the summer vacation season is approaching, you are looking for fashion items for travel and leisure activities. Tattoos can recharge your same old styles when the rising temperature limits your outfit choices. While bolstering your personality is the key in modern fashion, there are always rising trends. Here comes a brief rundown of fashionable tattoos of late.


Dotworks that give a hint of pen drawing

Every dot has different needle depth and ink density, which translates into unique dotwork style. Hence, it can be considered an equivalent of pen drawing where the artist finishes the entire artwork with only pens. Its strength lies with providing shades and minute details in a tattoo.

Dotwork tattoo is created with a multitude of dots instead of lines or fills©Tatoodo.com


Lightning bolts that cover a large area

Due to its formative characteristic, lightning bolt tattoos have been loved by many for a long time. In the past, the simple depiction of a lightening bolt was popular. More recently though, a large and continuous lightening bolt that covers an entire hand or neck is on trend.

Lightening bolt tattoo over a hand ©inkedmag


Holographic tattoos that shine

Hologram tattoos render holographic images on skin to look three dimensional and sparkle to shine, so they are great for vacation season. They are known for technical difficulties among tattooists, so hologram tattoos are popular in a sticker form.

Holograph tattoo sticker©Etsy.com

Retro trend in Tattoos: ’90s butterfly styles

Retro is sweeping the globe, and younger generations are bringing the young-tro wave. People say fashion trends repeat, and for a proof, the fashion trends of 30 years ago have become a leading trend at the moment. Tattoo markets are not that different. The butterfly tattoos are in growing popularity and becoming even more stylish by incorporating newer designs. Butterflies carry the meaning of change and hope, and they will highlight your feminine charm.

A retake on the ’90s butterfly tattoo ©The Paws


Lettering that never goes out of fashion

Although year after year there appears a new trend in tattoo, lettering is one of the tattoo themes that come back to the top of the popularity rank every year. Many people love the idea of getting letters tattooed in memorizing their own, family’s or loved ones’ name in addition to their birth year and certain words that have special meanings to them. In recent years, letters have become more minimal and formative instead of the exaggerated large letters in the past.

Lettering tattoo ©www.tattoofilter.com/Black Zada


Eye tattoo stickers for special occasions

For a special party or on a vacation day, you can go out of your norm and try a dramatic style. For these occasions, you can’t go wrong with eye tattoo stickers.

Eye tattoo stickers ©Walmart


Most tattoo shapes are available in stickers, so they are perfect items to sell at beauty supplies. Tattoo stickers provide the stylistic accent you desire free of pain, and you can regularly update them for a change.

Lately, many people, especially among younger generations, want to design their own tattoo, and in response, manufacturers are making high-end tattoo printers. Tattoo printers have been around for a while, but newer printers promise to fix some drawbacks of old models. LG Household and Healthcare has launched a mini tattoo printer targeting the North American beauty tech market. It can print tattoo designs smaller than 10cm in width and is anticipated to be available by the 4Q of this year in North America.

LG Household and Healthcare plans to introduce the printer through Artic Fox, a high-end fashion and hair care brand that LG acquired last year.

Tattoo printer Printly (project name) ©LG Household and Healthcare


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