Glues that Adhere to Your Sales

Glues that Adhere to Your Sales


In beauty supply, one of the easiest items to sell as an add-on to hair or eyelash products must be glues. Because both products very closely related, glue sales volume can be a indicator for hair products sales trends.

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We will discuss the types of glues and characteristics of each type first. Beauty supply glues are often categorized by purpose and by ingredient. We organized them into a table as follows.


Glues can be divided into three categories by purpose
Let’s first find out what beauty supply products can be used with a glue. First of all, weaving can be done using glues to affix wefts and cornrows. Second, lace front products can be glued along the edges. That is one of the most popular uses nowadays. Third, most eyelashes need to be glued. Depending on the purpose, there are different types of glue. What are the differences and similarities? Glues for weaving are not directly applied to skin, but glues for lace front wigs are. Inevitably, they have varying degrees of sensitivity as applied to skin..

Glues can be mainly divided into water-soluble and lipid-soluble products

You can choose a different type of glue based on the skin condi-tion and to-be-exposed environment of a wig wearer. In beauty supplies, two main types of glues exist. One is lipid-soluble glues that are made with solvents, and the other is water-soluble glues. Water-soluble products use water to dissolve ingredients into a solution. For lipid-soluble products, la-tex and acryl make up main ingredients. Water-soluble glues last up to 2 to 3 weeks in a normal condition while lipid-soluble products can last up to 8 weeks. On the other hand, lipid-soluble products are more likely to cause skin troubles. Lipid-soluble products withstand sweat and other moisture much better whereas even water-resistance water-soluble products are not quite waterproof. If you are prone to skin trouble or frequently exposed to sweat or wet environment, water-soluble products may be preferable after considering all factors. Other considerations include how long you plan to wear a certain wig.


What is latex?
You cannot start a talk about lipid-soluble glues without discuss-ing latex first. Latex is a natural rubber. Common goods including latex around us include bubble gums, surgical gloves, and con-doms. Although latex is completely non-toxic, some people do have allergy. Also, many consumers with sensitive skins re-port skin troubles related to latex. Regardless, latex is highly water resistant, and thus consumers who sweat a lot cannot go without it. Although consumers with sensitive skin or allergy need to be cautious, it is not an ingredient you ought to avoid.

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What do consumers think of popular hair glues?


We will discuss consumer reviews on popular hair glues picked by beauty suppliers and those reviewed by most consumers. In case of Salon Pro or Ghost Bond that offers variety of products under the same brand, we included just one product with most reviews. There is a reason that we analyze Amazon customer reviews and show its sales price. Amazon customer reviews are a good reflec-tion of objective opinions from consumers, and Amazon price has become a price reference whether or not you like it. In other words, if your retail price is higher than Amazon’s, then you will not likely make many sales unless you have other factors that make up the price difference. It is always wise to know your competitor’s pricing as well as your own pricing. Other factors that make up the price difference for you can be an accu-rate information and consultation you can provide. You may match the Amazon price plus shipping if desired.

Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive
Made for oily skin and humid weather, this transparent glue is water resistant without latex. To remove applica-tion, you can use rubbing alcohol.Overall, consumers reviewed this product fairly well es-pecially for its strong bonding. Most negative reviews complained that its water resistance was weak at most and the product came in unusably dry. Glues can be dried out on their way to consumer’s hands especially for those products purchased online, and you may use this fact to persuade more customers to buy offline.

Salon Pro 30 Sec Second Bonding Glue
Salon Pro 30 Sec brand offers glues for applications with from weaving to lace front wigs. This is a glue specially de-signed for hair extension like glue weaving and is antifungal and provides a short dry time of 30 seconds, making it suitable for professional use. It can be also used for braid-ing. It is good for both synthetic and natural hair. Most consumers reviewed positively. Good bonding and working as well for eyelashes as hair extensions were among the positive comments. Many customers com-plained that this product was not easy to use at first until they got accustomed to it.

Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Strong Hold)

This quick dry glue has a strong bond and withstands considerable heat, moisture, and exercise. It is water re-sistant without stimulating skin. You can use a remover specifically formulated for the glue to ensure clean and easy removal. Customers reported a great outcome when it was used with lace front wigs. Also, it was said that the application left a very thin layer of glue that provides a good bonding as well as protection from moisture, which brought out a natural looking edge hair. Many recommended Esha remover in the reviews.

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue
This water-resistant glue provides an extra strong bonding. More or less, the reviews are favorable toward the prod-uct. People rated highly for its lasting bonding and lack of white flaking after use. On the other hand, customers reported that the glue turned partially white after it dried completely.

Ebin New York 4 Ever Ultra Glue Lace Holding Glue Extreme Firm Hold
Gel-type glue to fix the lace wig for up to 4 weeks. It is easily removable with water or remover. Contains aloe vera ingredients keeping moisture. The consumer’s positive assessment of this product was that the drying time was fast and the adhesive time was long.

Walker Tape Ultra Hold Acrylic Adhesive
This is an Acryl-based product without latex. Along with a long-lasting bonding up to 5 weeks, this product comes with water resistance. Medical alcohol or C-22 remover can be used to remove the application. This product is often referred to as “My Grandma’s Glue” as it had been loved by many people for a long time. Many reviewers mentioned that they tried this because of their mom. Most customers were satisfied with its powerful bonding that lasts long and water resistant.Most common complaints about this product were its container and application tool. It is reported that when used with a brush, the glue applied to the brush drips
easily on clothes or other facial areas.

Bold Hold Extreme Cream Adhesive for Lace Wigs and Hair pieces
A product made exclusively for lace wigs or lace front wigs. With no odor, this product is also suitable for oily skin. Recommended for use in an application expected to last 2 to 3 weeks, this product well withstands a wet environment. Customers had mixed opinions. On the positive side, customers praised powerful and long-lasting bonding. Some said they were more content with the product than they do with Got2B. On the other side, customers com-plained about issues related to moisture. Sweating in a hot temperature reduced the bonding power according to a reviewer.

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What about glues for eyelashes?


Glues for eyelashes are designed to be used around an eye area. A typical adult woman blinks average 15 times per minute. The impact will be felt around the area where eyelashes are attached to, so a powerful bonding is required to hold eyelashes. Addition-ally, tear glands provide continuous supply of moisture. Due to the foregoing reasons, virtually all eyelash glues are lipid soluble. Glues for eyelashes are divided into two categories by application. First of the two is glues for strip lashes. Strip lashes have a band that can be attached along an eyeline with glue, completing an application easily. Second type is for individual lashes. Here, glues are used to extend natural eyelashes with individual lashes and typically last about 3 to 4 weeks after an application.

What are glues for strip lashes?
It provides a strong bond without latex and formalde-hyde, known stimulants to skin. Staying clear after dry-ing, it minimizes allergy reaction. Most customers reviewed highly of the product. On the positive side, it stayed all day long while it can be easily removed. Another selling point was that it does not trig-ger allergic reaction.

Laflare 3D Lash Glue
It a new product for 3D lashes by Laflare. 3D lashes are made of multi-layers, so they tend to be a little heavier than most single-layer strip lashes. This product is made of powerful bonding agents that also allow easy removal. It dries to black color matching strip bands. Instead of an ammonia odor that customers often complain about, you can smell a fresh scent from this product.

Esqido, Companion Eyelash Glue
It is made without latex and preservatives like formalde-hyde that is known to cause skin problems, so it is suit-able to be used around eye areas. It dries quickly, stays transparent, and lasts all day. Consumers have a widely differing opinions on this prod-uct. Some were satisfied with the long-lasting bonding while others complained that it could not be removed even with oils, causing natural hairs to fall off with the faux. Other negative reviews included that it did not dry after a half to one full minute and triggered allergies.

DUO Strip Lash Adhesive Dark Tone for False Strip Eyelash
This glue dries into black color to cover eyelash bands. You are supposed to re-apply to lash bands 30 seconds after a first application. Overall, customers had high opinions of the product. It was positively reviewed because it provided a strong bonding while the eyelashes were on, and it could be removed without much aggravation. Negatively, custom-ers pointed out low resistance to water.

Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive, Clear
It is an easy-to-apply latex-based product providing a strong bonding. It turns transparent after drying. With a high frequency of three to four starred reviews, the product is a popular low-cost option. Most reviews praised its value for the money. Positive reviews often in-cluded the clearness after drying. Most customers were satisfied with bonding as well as easy removal. However, negative reviews included white residues after drying and skin troubles including allergic reactions.

What about glues for individual lashes?
Eyelash Extension Glue SKY S+
This is a professional-geared product with black color. It dries within one to two second after application. It lasts up to seven weeks. It should never be used with strip lashes or applied at home. It contains no latex. Most reviewers were lash artists. After application, most clients were satisfied, and most were impressed with its value for the price. A nail shop owner in Alaska reported that the product withstood Alaskan cold. Most negative reviews pivoted on the container. After a new container was introduced, many reported incidents where the cap broke off and made a spill. Another negative point was a long drying time that is around five to six seconds.

Ardell Lashtite Adhesive, Dark
It is specifically formulated to work best with Ardell’s Du-ralash. It lasts up to six weeks, and it is waterproof. Customers provided two extremes of opinions. It had 39% of five-star reviews and 31% of one-star reviews. Most reviewers were content with the value for the price. Specifically, positive reviews revolved around the long-lasting bonding that frequently endures over a week. Negative reviews included eyelashes falling off within two weeks and pain in the eye areas.

You have to compete with online distribution like Amazon in deal-ing glue whether you want or not. Considering this market condi-tion, I have detailed described the reviews of products and price of Amazon to explain how consumers think about those products. Glue have became an indispensable parts of beauty supply busi-ness. The most important items of beauty supply are hair prod-ucts such as weaving, wig and eyelash. Hair products should be attached to any part of human body in any way, but there is no better way than glue. As long as Hair products should be sold at the beauty supply, glue should be together. That is reasons why we should not hand over this procuts to online sales. This is why glues are important to beauty supplies, unlike conventional chemical products.

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