Glitter & Glossy Makeup Trend—What Should You Sell?

Glitter & Glossy Makeup Trend—What Should You Sell?

Summer has come and brought the high temperature and humidity that can cause a hard-worked makeup to get messed up easily due to oil and sweat. Solidly applied base makeup and waterproof eye makeup are the key! Customers who shop at the beauty supplies will be on the lookout at this point.

2022 makeup trend can be put into two words: glitter and glossy. Clean base makeup should provide a solid foundation along with eyebrows and eyeshadows. Making eyes, cheeks, and lips sparkle and adding moisture to the lips will bring about a lively makeup on trend.

A lively makeup that withstands under the scorching sun, items necessary to catch up with this year’s trend, products that you can confidently recommend; let’s find out.


Glitter eye makeup and glossy lips make a statement. ©allanface | ©jlo Instagram

Facial makeup that helps to make your face shine

BeeSales’s Ice Globe Rollers

A great product to cool down and massage your heated-up face. Keep it in the freezer for up to 30 min for animmediate application. Retain moisture deep inside the skin and relieve swollen face. It can also calm down redness. A cute design invokes lollipops. It’s a perfect size to carry with you on a summer vacation. If you regularly use it, it can improve your skin’s firmness.


Siia Cosmetics’s primer & liquid foundation

A base makeup product that contains quality skincare ingredients for moisturizing and nourishment for skin. It improves the overall skin health for a better makeup. Siia’s Pearl Perfect Primer applies a thin layer on skin like a lotion providing great foundation for makeup and helps cover up flaws and make skin smoother. Luminous Longwear Liquid Foundation has a lock-tight cover with a silky finish. The shimmering facial contour will make your skin look flawless.


Formidable eyeliners

Laflare’s Lafi eyeliners

Lafi has a relatively long felt tip. It helps draw a delicate and accurate line, so it works great for eye makeups emphasizing tails like cat’s eye makeup. It’s waterproof and smudge proof. Available in two black colors (glossy and matte) and two brown colors (brown and dark brown).


Absolute NY’s Insanely Black eyeliners

Insanely Black eyeliners offer a near perfect black. The ingredients hold well against sweat and oil, which make them great for people who are prone to sweat. In consideration of people’s diverse taste, they come in three different tip shapes. Made of a firm spongy material, the Drawing Felt tip is recommended for beginners because it helps you to keep it straight without shaking. Made of a soft brush material, the Flex Brush tip is favored by professionals who need to create various artistic designs and control the thickness for each client and style. The Micro Angled tip has an irregular shape with a slight curve at the tip. It is specially designed to accommodate drawing eye tails, so even those who always find it difficult to draw eye tails can draw them with confidence. It is also very thin, which is great for touch-up and those who want their eye lines to be subtle and natural.


Kiss Gel Eyeliner

Kiss’s Gel Eyeliner targets consumers who want a quick and easy makeup routine. It is soft like a gel eyeliner and works like a pencil eyeliner! With ease, you can draw a delicate and clean line. It lasts up to 24 hours without irritating your skin and frees you from worrying about rain and sweat thanks to the waterproof formula.


BeeSales’s Bling Bling Lash Glue Eyeliner

Bling Bling Lash Glue Eyeliner is a two-in-one product combining a lash glue and an eyeliner. You can simply draw an eye line and attach the false eyelashes over it without glue. As it is easy to use and quick drying, you can finish gorgeous eye makeup in minutes. Mess-free felt tip finishes up without blurring or requiring messy clean up.


A critical part of eye makeup: eyelashes

Absolute NYs 6D Darling eyelashes

In addition to previously available 3D and 5D products, newly released 6D Darling lashes come in three styles, 55 products. Despite the voluminous look, they don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. Dramatic style offers lengthy and voluminous eyelashes, perfect for creating a focal point with glamorous style for your hot summer look during summer festivities. Multi-layered lash composition makes your eye pop while creating dimension. “Darkest” includes 5 sub-styles, made of darker lashes and with even higher density. They facilitate a more defined and clear eye line. Classic“, befitting its name, comes in various styles from daily looks to glamorous styles.


Laflares eyelashes

Laflare’s Flare eyelash offers a set of multi-flare eyelashes, each in delicate design for natural-looking eyelashes. It’s lightweight, easy to wear, and recyclable. Available in 6 styles, each style comes with 4-6 flare pieces. Angel 3D Mink brings a unique lash design. Made of soft and light faux mink, it offers 12 styles.


Eyeshadows that add glamour

Ebin NYs Secret of Pharaoh eyeshadow palettes

Versatile 12-shade eyeshadow palettes, great for any skin tone, come in 8 variations from glitter shadow to pearl shadow. It develops strong color with soft texture with a single application, suitable for all kinds of glitter styles. With an included mirror, you can carry it along the way for a quick makeup anywhere. The eyeshadow palette also comes in a small size. These compact palettes have four variations and are perfect for travel as well as daily use.


Finishing touch to makeup—Lips

Siia Cosmetics’s lipsticks

Siia Change Agent Matte Lipstick comes with wrinkle-free formula that reduces chapped appearance. It improved the dryness associated with matte lipsticks for long lasting comfort. Its ultra tight fit stays perfect after the first touch for a long time. Change Agent Liquid Lipstick contains concentrated color pigments, so you can complete defined and vivid lips with a single stroke. It lightly glides on your lips for a soft finish.


Ebin NYs Secret of Pharaoh Glitter Duo Lipstick

2-in-1 glitter products: a lip gloss on an end and a glitter on the other. You apply the soft textured lip gloss and then apply glitters. Moist and long-lasting formula keeps the shine for an extended period. It is also great for application on other areas such as around the eyes.


Make a perfect makeup even better

Laflares extra long NEX nail tips

In currently most popular styles, Coffin and Stiletto, Nex nail tips are available in 12 different designs with vibrant colors and attractive design.


Ebin NYs Secret of Pharaoh Body & Face Glitter

A glitter primer and eight different colors of powder-type glitter. You can apply it anywhere on your body including hair and face using the glitter primer. You can easily adjust the amount of glitter with this convenience-packed product that minimizes caking and dust-forming for stronger adhesion.


Cover Story BY Jeehye Ra