Get Male Customers!

Get Male Customers!

Increased consumption of grooming products, making a big splash

There has been increase in consumption of male beauty products. So called grooming products include skin care products and other supplies that men use to make themselves look good. Generally, skin care products, shaving goods, colognes, and makeup products are those. 

In America, the grooming market has grown continuously since 2003, and the Millennials and Generation Zs are at the center of increased consumption of beauty supplies by men. Market research institution Statista estimated the value of grooming market at $81.2 billion by 2024. It is comparably smaller part than female products, but the gap will get narrower over time according to the projection.

In the past, male beauty supplies were typically shampoos, deodorants, shaving creams, and so on, but today’s male consumers are interested in moisturizers and cleansers as well as concealers, anti-aging products, BB creams, shaving creams, hair loss oils, and colors.  Many male customers are regularly visiting salons to get hair or nail done.

Especially, they are highly interested in hair and facial hair. As many young adults in their 20s and 30s are experiencing hair loss, they are looking for hair growth oils to strengthen and protect hair while using scalp products to cool down and clean irritated scalp. Durags are widely popular for hair protection while being a fashion item.

You cannot talk about men’s beauty without mentioning facial hair grooming. Facial hair can complement facial contour and make one appear manly, but meticulously groomed facial hair is not an easy achievement. You need nourishment and trimming. In addition to applying conditioners, you need to comb every day.

On a store display full of men’s beauty supply, facial hair care products catch your eyes!

Universal Beauty’s Beard Guyz, Beard wash helps tangle-free beard and effectively removes beard odor. Beard Oil softens facial hair for a smooth look and comfortable feel and absorbs quickly to moisturize the skin underneath your beard. Can be combined with our Beard Butter for extra skin hydration or our Beard Balm for extra beard nourishment and control.

Iwell Trade‘s Mega Growth Beard Care line consists of oil, balm, spray, and wash. From moisturizing to nourishment, strengthening of hair, styling and cleansing, it provides total care. For facial hair and skin health, only natural ingredients are used free of artificial colors and chemicals. Natural essential oils hint luxurious manly scents instead of artificial scent.

Bee Sales’s Black Ice Signature Series include six products focused on men’s facial hair care, among which hair growth oil is especially gaining popularity. You can find testimonies of women who used it on their head and got result shared on social media such as TikTok.

According to EuroMonitor, male skincare products are mainly sold at big box chains, drug stores, and other offline retail. An unique strategy for beauty supplies to steal male consumers’ heart is necessary.


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