Functional and Charming Hair Caps

Learn To Create a Steady Revenue Stream

Functional and Charming Hair Caps

You often overlook right under your nose. Likewise, almost all of the beauty supply stores have a shelf or two with this item which sells steadily well, but you don’t exactly understand why. Coming in different brands and models, they look very alike, but customers grab an assortment of them. Some stores treat them as just one of the accessories, and others separate bonnets and durags. For manufacturers and sales associates, they are textile products. We are talking about the hair caps. If you know them well, hair caps can create a steady revenue stream. BNB is here to help.


PART 1.  Hair caps come in different shapes and colors.

Most beauty supplies just divide hair caps into bonnets for women and durags for men. However, it’s not that simple. Although they are simply hair coverings, they don’t simply cover the hair but have many sizes, shapes, purposes, materials, and usages.

Women’s bonnets—Head wraps, scarves, sleep caps, and turbans

Men’s durags—Spandex caps, wave caps, and bands


There is a world of hair caps—types of hair caps


When it comes to a hair cap for women, bonnets are the elephant in the room.
The word bonnet originated from a French word bonnet. In a literal sense, they are hats tied under the chin and with a brim framing the face. They don’t have a rigid structure like other hats and are made of soft fabric without a visor. For many decades, African American women wore bonnets for their curly hair. Today, they became a must-have beauty item for anyone who’s interested in beautiful and healthy hair.
As the name “bonnet” is often used as a generic term for hair caps and head wraps, people sometimes include all sorts of clothing worn overhead under the category of bonnets.

Traditional bonnet design

Today’s bonnets


Sleep cap/bonnet

This is the most basic use of a hair cap. If you neglect your well-combed hair overnight, it would break or get tangled. Sleep caps minimize friction between the hair and pillows to reduce breakage and tangling. You may choose a product based on your hair length.

1. Mommesilk Pure Silk Sleep Hair Cap
2. Edoneery Satin Bonnet Sleep Cap
3. Alnorm Long Satin Bonnet Sleep


Shower cap

Made with a waterproof inner layer, they come in a loose size to cover the entire hair. You may wear it while removing your makeup, but you can also wear it on rainy days or on the poolside. They used to have a simple design, but nowadays this household essential became a fashion item with unique and diverse designs.

1. Evolve Satin-Lined Shower Cap
2. Betty Dain Flamingo Party Shower Cap
3. Louvelle Amelie Shower cap


Wig cap

Wig caps keep the hair underneath the wig from drying out.  Your natural hair can retain moisture and essential oils better, so it can grow healthy under the wigs. They are made of various materials including spandex, mesh, and nylon.

1. Qfitt Mesh Dome Style Wig cap
2. Magic U-part Wig Cap
3. Leeven Black Wig Caps For Women Breathable Nylon Wig Caps


Weaving cap

Weaving caps are worn to glue hair extensions to them instead of your own hair. It sets up a barrier between your hair and braided hair, which can reduce stress on the natural hair and make sew-ins last longer. There are net type products you can cut and use for a partial application.

1. Annie Mesh Weaving Cap
2. Donna Collection Deluxe Stretch Weaving Cap
3. Qfitt Mesh Weaving Net


Braid cap/bonnet

With an extra long design, it is optimized for braids, locks and longer curl hairs that need to last for an extended period. You cover your hair with it to preserve the braids and prevent frizz. You can also use larger jumbo bonnets and silk scarves for the same purpose.

1. Beauty Town Luxury Spandex Dreadlocks & Braids Cap
2. Donna Satin Braid Bonnet
3. Annie Deluxe Jumbo Day and Night Black Cap


Edge cap/bonnet

With a wider band on the edge, it has a strong grip to prevent falling off and keep the hair edges smooth and secure. Thanks to the heavy-duty band, you can wear larger sizes with ease. It is also great for edge styling.

1. Evolve Satin Wide Edge Bonnet
2. Donna Glam Collection Wide Edge Satin Bonnet Jumbo
3. Red by Kiss Silky Satin Wide Edge Hair Cap


Durag (Do-rag)

It is a type of head covering mostly worn by men. Originally, it was used for creating a unique style called 360 waves and for maintaining hairstyles like dreadlocks. Over time, it became a trend and is worn as a fashion. It is made of various materials in different designs, and nowadays durags for women are noticeable in the market.

1. TYCHE Silky Durag
2. Red by Kiss Power Wave Velvet Luxe Durag
3. DIY Silky Durags for Men Women 360 Waves Doo Rag Headwrap Cap


Major materials used for hair caps

Silk A premium material that is smooth and strong at the same time. Due to the manufacturing process, it is on the expensive side. Nonetheless, it can minimize hair frizzing and let air pass through, keeping your hair soft.

Satin Smooth to touch and sheen to look, resembling silk, this blend of synthetic fibers including rayon and polyester a gloss side and a rough side. It is lighter than silk and easy to wash.


Wide Mesh Hair Wrap (B.Lauren Beauty)

Mesh Like a net, it has openings. Many weaving nets and hair wraps are made with mesh. Hair dries quickly thanks to its breathability; the air literally passes through.

Spandex Turban Head Wrap (Luxury Divas)

Spandex Light and comfort. It is resistant to sweat and has unbeatable elasticity and flexibility. It is used in many types of hair caps such as head wraps, turbans, and bands.

360 Wave Stocking Cap (SPI Styles)

Stocking Nylon stocking caps are also called wig caps. You wear under your wig to protect your own hair. It prevents hair from moving or slipping. Smooth and breathable.

PART 2.  Why and how do you wear hair caps?

Why do you wear a hair cap?

If you watch a scene on TV where an African American woman sleeps without a hair cap, you can safely doubt the director’s attention to detail. Because African American women have very dry, prone to break, and curly hair, hair caps are not optional.
In fact, the use of hair caps is spreading across demographics. Regardless of sex, age, and ethnicity, many people are looking for a hair cap, which is worn not only in the bed but also in their daily lives. It is now well known that as much as daily haircare products, hair caps can play an important role in protecting hair.

  1. Against tangling In your sleep, your head moves around and the hair gets tangled. Tangling is not only bad for the look but also a nightmare to the well being of your hair. It weakens hair to break easily which can eventually lead to hair loss. Wearing a hair cap can effectively prevent tangling of hair.
  1. Against dryness Many people love the feel of high thread count cotton sheets, but they are moisture magnets that can dry up your hair fairly quickly. As people age, their hair gets drier like their skin. In addition to hair conditioning, you can have a healthy hair by maintaining water content in your hair at night. You may use bonnets or silk pillowcase to keep your hair moisturized and reduce friction, so your hair can stay healthy.
  1. Sebum (naturally produced oil) control You hair has oil naturally produced from your hair follicle. You can control it to the benefit of both hair and skin. If you wear a hair cap, the oil can spread evenly over your hair, which results in an overall healthy look. On your face, the oil may clog your skin pore. Hair caps can relieve this oil accumulation. Also, you hair oil doesn’t get to the pillowcase as much, which lead to less laundry.
  1. For a lasting style If you invest a considerable amount of money and time for a hairstyle, you want to keep it as intact and beautiful as possible for as long as possible. If you wear a hair cap, the minimized friction help preserve the hairstyle. You now know why silk sleeping caps are selling especially well during the wedding and prom season.
  2. For hair growth If you are having a hard time growing your natural hair, hair caps are here to help. Hair caps reduce the damages and prevent your fragile new hair from twisting or bending. Your hair can grow faster and stronger underneath the hair caps.

No wonder the popularity of hair caps keeps increasing!

Google Trend—Interest in hair caps (based on web search, 2008-)


How do you wear a hair cap?

There are so many examples of how to wear a hair cap on beauty blogs and YouTube. For short hair, long hair, and wig caps, you name it. Here, we introduce the most basic ways.

수면 캡 착용법을 소개한 Gena Marie의 영상 출처:

How to wear a hair cap correctly

  1. Flip hair upside down.
  2. Widen the opening with your hands.
  3. Hook it over your nape.
  4. Stretch it over the entire length of hair.
  5. Push your hair into the cap.
  6. Let the cap reduce into its original size and make sure all hair is caught inside.


It is similarly easy to learn how to wear a durag. You wear the spandex or velvet covering over your head and make a knot on the back or side using the remainder to finish the style. You can search “how to tie a durag” on YouTube to find a lot of tutorial videos.


Part 3. YOLO! Style with the hair caps.

We talked about why you want to wear a hair cap. Now, let’s go beyond. Hair caps are no longer limited to the indoor use. Hair caps themselves became a fashion statement, and many people use them as an accessory. Here comes a list of items that are as stylish as any other hair accessory.

African Head Wraps: Powerful Accessory—ASHRO blog


Hair wrap—Scarf and turban

Scarves and turbans both wrap your head around, so they are often called wraps.

Turbans are known to be originated from the eastern culture, and it made to the spotlight when Hollywood stars started to wear them on the red carpet as well as on the films and TV series in 1960s. Today, for both men and women, exotic and vibrant patterns commonly appear on turbans. As they are made of stretchable fabrics, you can find many uses regardless of the size. You can not only do a top knot or a twisted bun but also cover only a part of your hair. You may add more details using beads, embroidery, and broaches.

Evolve-Top Knot Turban

A wrap scarf can be a trend-setting styling option. Traditionally, you fold a triangular or square shaped cloth into a triangle and wrap it around your head. However, you can find various sizes and shapes including a long strip about the length of an average scarf, which is 60-72 inch which can be worn to cover a part of your head. They are also available in different colors and patterns, which caused many YouTubers to include scarves in their look books.

Red by Kiss 스카프 제품들


Although there seems disagreement in the origin of durags, it is widely known that African Americans started to wear them in the 19th century and that the Black Power Movement in 1960s brought it on the surface of African American culture. Durags were introduced to the mass through Black hiphop artists such as Nelly and 50 Cent of 1990s, and the rapper A$AP Ferg brought it back to the main stage with his album release in 2017.

A$AP Ferg의 앨범 표지

Original style—360 waves

Originally, durags served to create a unique style for African American men called 360 waves in addition to protecting hair. In this style, the spiral pattern waves from the crown. Let’s learn how to do 360 waves for the sake of understanding the consumer, how hard it is to make, and what purposes a durag serves.


  1. Apply shampoo on your hair without water.
  2. Brush the whole head. The more you brush the fuller your wave become.
  3. Wear a durag without rinsing the shampoo.
  4. Wash your hair while wearing the durag.
  5. Lightly towel-dry the hair and wait.
  6. You take off the durag and reveal 360 waves.

*It takes 3-4 weeks to create deep waves.


Stylish durags

In addition to the 360 waves that require a lot of combing and time, you have other ways to wear durags. By simply wearing a durag, you can create a quite distinct look. So, durags are available in diverse materials and designs. In early days, mostly rappers and athletes wore them. However, durags have become a mainstream fashion item despite the protests by some for the reason of cultural appropriation.

Source: The Trend Spotter

Cover Story BY Juyoung Sung