Find the “Hidden Gems”

Find the “Hidden Gems”

Beauty supplies typically carry loads of items. As they offer a wide variety of merchandise, customers are not likely to browse all items easily. Alongside the flagship products, we suggest following promising items for the future based on the current trend on social media and popularity at beauty supplies. Why don’t you recommend these items to your customers?



Clay Masks

Single-use clay masks that are packaged individually can be applied and rinsed after drying for thorough facial cleansing, tightening the pores and moisturizing.

Nicka K Facial Cooling Clay Mask

Garlic Nail Strengthener

If you get nail art and gel stickers often, nail fortifiers are quintessential. Nails can be easily broken in case of deficiency in nutrition or diseases. Garlic has ample nutrients including minerals to help nail to grow healthy and strong. Especially, garlic can prevent nail tips from splitting while growing.

Ruby Kiss Garlic Nail Strengthener


Hair and body mist

Hair and body mist can be used on hair that lost healthy glow. Frizzy hair can be calmed down by simply spraying mist. It also works for maintaining healthy hair. You can choose one with glitters for sparkling effect. As an extra, you get subtle scent.

Ebin NY Egyptian Diamond
Hair & Body Glitter Mist

Fake nose ring

Nose piercing can be an item to demonstrate your chic side. However, piercing involves making permanent puncture in your nose and keeping regular maintenance. As people still face resistance to nose piercing when worn at workplace or formal events, not many people are brave enough to try it. In this case, fake nose ring can be a good alternative.

Fake nose rings available at beauty supplies / Fake nose ring ©Etsy


Burning oil

Literally, oil can be burnt in a candle type diffuser. You can transform your home, business, and workplace into a great smelling place. Some products even offer stress relieving aromatic effect.

Burnign oil


Braider band

Braider bands can be worn on your wrist like a watch, and they make your life much easier and save time. These portable and convenient accessories have been popular ever since their market release. They could be marketed as hygiene products in regard to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and they are available in black, purple, and pink with stylish design.

braid band / A YouTuber working on styling after wearing braider ©Karrill DaDiva Youtube


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