Evolving Digital Order Management System in the Wholesale Industry

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Evolving Digital Order Management System in the Wholesale Industry

“Hair Industry Introduces Web-based ‘BwiseSoft’ System…”

Recently, digital innovation winds are blowing in the hair industry. Hair wholesale companies are rapidly introducing a Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system that allows integrated management of orders received, orders one had made, and inventory conditions. With the introduction of this system, the management process across the purchase of products, sale, and business management is becoming dramatically smarter.

BwiseSoft(President Ki-won Jeon), a company that provides ERP system development, construction and maintenance services in conjunction with Web, recently said that “Beauty Plus and Hair Plus have completed ERP system construction,“ and that “many other mid-sized hair companies are currently working on system construction.”

“With the exception of a small number of large companies, there were only a few wholesalers operating this company-wide online integrated order inventory management system,“ said an industry-savvy official, “and the introduction of this system will allow for more systematic sales and inventory management, moving away from the old-fashioned management system.”

What functions does this Web-based ERP system have that dramatically improves the overall management, such as order management, purchase management, warehouse management, and sales management? BNB sought the cooperation of BwiseSoft to specifically look at the functionality of the program.


1. Sales Order of Salespeople, Simplified with Mobile Application

The mobile app, connected with the ERP system, greatly simplifies the sales process of salesmen. Now salesmen do not have to contact the company separately through phone, Kakaotalk, email, etc. after a day of notetaking to put the order received at the retail store. This is because the mobile app can handle almost all salesmen tasks, such as product inquiry, inventory identification, order processing, and collection processing, all one-stop at the sales site. Through the use of this program, ‘same-day order and delivery’ is possible, which greatly saves the time of delivery of goods orders with rapid processing.
During sales, one can view detailed product information, including images, by each item in real time just by looking at a smartphone or tablet PC with a retail store owner, and place an order with just a click. You can see the image of hair products by the length and color, and it is convenient to understand the inventory situation of the product. You can order just by scanning the bar code.
You can also find out when the products that have been back-ordered will be received from overseas factories through the app, so it is possible to respond quickly to back-order.
The payment received at the retail store can also be collected through the app immediately on-site.
You can also view order history and invoices with balance remaining for each customer.
Because it is based an Amazon Web service, you can access the system anytime, anywhere 24 hours a day, and there is also an off-line order function in places where the Internet is not available.
Beauty supplies in remote places that are difficult to visit, can also be accessed by the website of the wholesale company that is linked to this system and order the goods directly.

Salesmen’s tablet PC and smartphone order management application screen (Provided by BwiseSoft)


2. Real-Time Sales Order Processing System

Sales orders on the site are automatically linked to this ERP system, so the company can check, review, and hold or approve orders in real time. The old way of manually entering everything when an order comes in through a phone call, email, Kakaotalk, etc. from a salesman will disappear from the sales management team.
It also has the ability to lock or set the lowest unit price for each item, so salesmen do not have to call the company each time to find out at what price items can be sold.
In addition, you can simply view product photos, product descriptions, and inventory status by item with a single click.
Furthermore, the function of the First-In-First-Out(FIFO) method allows accurate cost management and revenue identification by product.

System screen for performing tasks such as inventory management, cost management, and order processing by item(Provided by BwiseSoft)

3. Smart Warehouse Management System

With the introduction of smart systems, logistics operations in warehouses are greatly simplified and systematized. Application ofwarehouse packing Status is automatically refreshed every minute to get a real-time view of the progress of all sales orders processed. It is highly efficient to check and manage the entire process of packing personnel, packing start time, packing completion time, shipping labeling status, etc.at a glance.
It also has the ability to save shipping fees. The function to automatically select cheaper rates between UPS and FedEx is set up in advance. You can also track the current delivery situation in real time in conjunction with the shipping company’s system.

Packing status system screen of warehouse(Provided by BwiseSoft)


4. Unlimited Functional Scalability, such as Big Data Utilization

Another important advantage of this system is that it is based on the Web and thus has infinite functionally scalability. Each company can add or subtract their desired function into the program. The purchasing department can communicate and share business with the factory in real time, making it efficient. After providing access to this system to overseas factories, you may require them to enter information about the shipment status. In addition, it is possible to grasp the warehousing schedule of products that are currently out of stock in real time at the sales site.
Big data analysis entered into the system can also establish a strategy for launching and purchasing new products. By analyzing product sales data stored in the ERP system, you can systematize product development even more and purchase management by identifying items that have been sold well by time and/or season.
Finally, the introduction of a smart ERP system makes business processing faster and more efficient, and it is expected to save large amounts of labor cost.




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