Essential for Attractive Eye Makeup

Essential for Attractive Eye Makeup

Eye Liner


The eyeliner is a product that gives the eye a vivid and looking larger effect on the lines around the eyes when make-up. There are so many types of eyeliners available at beauty supply retailers. What are charac-teristics of these various type of eyeliners?

Liquid type: You can draw thin and deli-cate eye lines, but it is difficult for beginners to use.


Brush Pen type: You can draw eye lines clearly. It is relatively easy to use.


Pencil type: It is easy to use, but it is difficult to express fine lines. It has low sustainability and slightly diffuse.


Gel type: It is more expressible than pen-cil and easier to use than brush pen type, but you should use brush.


Auto gel type: It is a product that comes out core when you turn the back part like a lipstick. It is easy to use while retaining the advantages of gel type.

GLIDE & GLAM GEL EYE LINER of Absolute NY allows to draw delicate eye with thinner 1.5mm thickness pencil core, which is an auto pencil type product. Also, It has a water-proof function that protects the makeup from sweating. GLIDE & GLAM GEL EYE LINER has 14 colors. The gel type and/or auto gel type eyeliner has a clear coloring and easy blending of colors, which makes it possible to produce natural makeup while used with eyeshadow.

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