Easter’s Around the Corner, and so are Little Ladies’ Beauty Product Needs!

Easter’s Around the Corner,

and so are Little Ladies’ Beauty Product Needs!


2021 Easter is coming up. Religiously, Easter is a holiday to celebrate Jesus’ crucifixion and his resurrection after three days. In the U.S., it is recognized as a festival. The date of Easter is set as the first Sunday after spring equinox, so the date changes every year. This year Easter is on Sunday, April 4th. It’s about a month away, and an opportunity to make big sales. On Easter, hair, hair accessories, dresses, and fashion products are sold like wildfire. Consumption may decrease this year due to the COVID-19 crisis, but there is also good news that a second stimulus check will be released. If we recall the sales boost caused by the first stimulus check during the pandemic, it is likely that this Easter won’t just go by quietly.


Easter is all about Children!

An interesting culture of the United States is that Easter is recognized as a day when children dress up and receive gifts. Americans traditionally spend Easter by coloring boiled eggs and presenting candy baskets to children. It is the second most exciting holiday for American children, following Christmas.



In order to make this day one of the most delightful days of the year, children wear colorful dresses and hairstyles that they normally do not wear. Not only that, but they also use everything they can to look their best, such as hair accessories, socks with fancy laces, and shoes.


Braid Hair for Kids

When showing off one’s hairstyle, nothing beats hair braids. Pay attention to the Braid hairs made for children and secure them in advance. Kids’ hair products are made of relatively short and light materials for their sensitive and weak scalp. They also have antibacterial treatment and prevents other side effects.


Afri Naptural Kids I Dfine Easy Braid by Mnae Concept

X-Pression Lil Looks Pre-Stretched Braids by Outre

Hair Spectra Synthetic EZ Braid Kids by I-N-I Hair


Hair accessories to sell at Easter

Find out what kind of styles will be in trend beforehand. The most important things in Easter are children’s dresses and hairstyles. Children in flamboyant dresses usually have less flashy hairstyles. Instead, they express uniqueness with various hair accessories. They use large ribbons that vary in size, color, and orientation to create diverse styles, and they try to steal the spotlight of the day with large crowns and colorful hair beads. In addition, Easter’s symbol, the rabbit-shaped hair barrettes, have long been Easter’s cash cow product.



Fashion items to be sold at Easter

Most little ladies choose to wear a dress for Easter. From fancy dresses to modest formal style dresses for kids, you should keep all of them in mind. A dress with bright colors and beautifully embroidered prints, and a delicate lace would be the cherry on top. Also, pay attention to socks and shoes. Look out for shoes, laced socks, and gloves that suits dresses.





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