Do These For Natural Looking Wigs!

Do These For Natural Looking Wigs!


There is really a simple and quick answer to “how to wear wigs looking as natural as possible” for all women who wear wigs regularly. If you wear a wig like a hat, you would not look good for obvious reasons. Like any other hair extension products, wigs should be styled and customized for your own wearing. If you help your customers during their wig try-on using the tips and techniques provided here, it will certainly help your sales.dhxkdkdma


You cannot over-emphasize correct sizing.

There is no worse mistake than to hope that any wig will fit your head magically. Even if a wig has an awesome style and look, it would not look good on you or make everyone think that you’re wearing a wig unless it fits. Most wigs do have size-adjustable band or strap, but the overall size matters. You should first measure the size of your head using tape measures. Here is a typical method of measuring your head.

  1. Measure the circumference of your head from the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck just over the ears.
  2. 2) Measure the top of your head from the center of the front hairline to the nape over your crown.
  3. 3) Measure the forehead from one ear to another touching the center of your front hairline.
  4. 4) Measure the top of your head from one ear to another over your crown.
  5. 5) Measure the back of your head from one temple to another around the back of your head.
  6. 6) Measure the nape along the hairline from behind one ear to another starting and ending at the bottom of ear lobes.


Plucking hair out of wigs

To look natural, one of the best ways is to cover and hide the wig edge by plucking wig hair along the hairline. Your goal is to make it look like your baby hair. Take a look at the picture below, and you will see the difference. You can learn how to pluck wig hair from the YouTube video link below. Plucked hair can be glued to the forehead area using hair gels.

You can follow these steps to pull out hairs.

  • Have a tweezers ready and place your wig on your head or a mannequin. Starting from the hairline behind the ears, pluck the hair without tearing the lace, moving from face to nape.
  • Make sure you don’t pluck too many hair from an area. Keep a distance between pulling.
  • Pluck hair until there is no visible line of lace. There should be gradation effect for hair to look natural along the hairline.
  • If your wig is too dense of hair, you want to thin it out for a natural look.


How To PLUCK a Hairline on Wig + Baby Hairs Tutorial (plucking tutorial) OMGQueen / 가발에서 머리카락을 뽑는(Pluck) 방법을 설명하는 동영상


Lace front?  Cut right to save it.

One of the most important things for a wig to look natural is that you cut the lace while you’re wearing the wig. If you cut the lace before wearing it, the wig will never match your front hairline, making it look unnatural. Follow these steps to cut the lace properly.

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Blending adds a superb effect

It may sound weird that you apply makeup to a wig, but you can use this blending technique to blend your wig with your skin tone. Use the foundation or concealer you currently own and dab it along the hairline to make the hairline look more natural. It allows the lace to blend in with your skin for a more natural look and hide the imperfection due to cutting of the lace.

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Get 100% human hair and lay your hair flat

Nothing beats the 100% human hair when it comes to wigs. Of course, they are expensive, but if you maintain them well, it might be more cost-effective than synthetic products that are thrown away after a few uses. Learn how to wear and maintain human hair and choose a right texture for you. You probably know that you need to lay your own hair flat before wearing a wig, but it often gets overlooked. For a natural looking wig styling, you need to lay your own hair flat on the scalp as much as possible. A right method should be chosen based on your hair length, density, and texture. Many women wear wig caps to protect their own hair under the wig. You should prep your own hair in the best way possible for your hair; consider cornrows and braiding.


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