“Displayed Items has no value Until you sell them”

“Displayed Items has no value Until you sell them”



“Bring my hair back!” Mrs. Lee used to chase down and yell at the shoplifter. A larger-framed man, with 6 of the stolen hair items in his hands, hopped onto the car. Mrs. Lee stood in front of the car to pre-vent him from running away. The man shouted indistinguishable words as he tossed the stolen hair out the window. One of the coworkers at the salon quickly called the police and made sure the shoplifter never come back to the store. However, Mrs. Lee remembers seeing the same
man in the store several times after the incident. Mrs. Lee recalled how dangerous was the foot pursuit was, pointing out that it was one of the most unforgettable moments while managing the beauty supply store.

“Displayed items have no value. You have to sell it to make something of it”
60% off Human Hair! Is the first sign you will encounter as you enter the store. Tisun Beauty has been in busi-ness for years in downtown without security bar on the windows. Concord, North Carolina, is a city where mo-dernity lives alongside the well-preserved traditions and is also known for the birthplace of NASCAR speedway. For a 30-year-old store, the well-maintained interior has been spotless and dust-free. Because the property was once occupied by an old department store, two large show windows are placed on both sides of the entrance. It has been 7 years since Mrs. Lee took over the man-agement of the store. Both the front and back door are kept opened for customer’s use. A large, spacious parking lot is located right behind the store, so the back entrance is available for customers to easily come in after parking their vehicle. There are both pros and cons for having the store lo-cated in downtown. There are local events held over the weekend, which require the roads to be blocked. Some customers who are used to driving to store avoid these weekends which means less foot traffic during the duration of events. On the other hand, the police station behind the store and public office buildings across the street have spacious parking lots that customers can use. The presence of officers also keep the shoplifters away.

Unique characteristics of TISUN
1. Show window attracts passersby’ attention. The displays are renewed by Mrs. Lee herself. Latest trend item, accessories, and other new arrivals are displayed to encourage.
2. A hair salon is located in the back of the store and beauticians are ready to assist customers in shopping and styling the newly pur-chased products.
3. Eyebrow service is also avail-able with professional beauticians. Customers can put on the eyelash-es right after their purchase with the help of these stylists.
4. Human Hair is always on a 60% discount. It also offers “Buy One Get One Free’ deal on some of the main human hair brands.
5. Clerk in charge of the wig sec-tion applies a tag on the mannequin that corresponds to the actual item displayed so that the customers can compare and make informed deci-sions when shopping.

6. A large collection of jewelry and accessories. Sea-sonal items, such as hat and leggings in the winter, are prepared in abundance for sale and celebratory items
for Easter, Prom, and Graduation are carefully selected to fit customers’ taste and need. Some customers ask for hat and scarf displayed on the mannequin as a set.
7. It’s a one-stop for all shopping spot. Reasonably-sized interior allows the customers to easily find what they need.
8. Clip bun can also be applied to human hair the customer has purchased at a 30% discounted price.
9. All items are eligible for return, except for wig and hair chemicals. They can be exchanged as store credit. Avoid starting an argument with customers at all cost.

“I’ve developed a habit of taking an Advil before I go to sleep. I never take a day off, which is why my grand-son is always concerned.” Mrs. Lee added a comment on her grandchild, John Lee, who also happens to be a Winning writer of recent writing contest hosted by BNB. John is helping out at the store for more than 3 days a week and also plans to attend college nearby because he is worried about his grandmother. “Customers ask questions regarding products with similar features. They specifically inquire about the dif-ference between the two, what ingredients are includ-ed, and if they are allergy-free. I quickly search online if I don’t have the answer off the top of my head.” John quietly smiled as he explained how he has learned so much about the chemicals while helping out at the store. “Walmart designates clerks to each section of the store. My store is not large enough to afford that many employees, so I must watch over every corner of the store.” Mrs. Lee invests a lot of her time and effort in maintaining the store. We wish the best for Tisun Beauty Supply, energized with the hard work of Mrs. Lee and John, to race for-ward like the cars on Concord Speedway.

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