Coronavirus Aftereffect, Make it up with Summer Business!

Coronavirus Aftereffect, Make it up with Summer Business!

[Summer Product Trend Survey]
At BNB, in order to find out what products that will be popular in the summer, we have interviewed the purchasing and development team of over 30 companies that are leading the industry in hair, chemical, cosmetics, and miscellaneous goods, investigated ranking online orders from Chinese wholesalers, and similar new items from beauty trade shows, and also conducted a survey through Google Trends.

Last year, it was the US-China trade war. This year, the number of customers sharply decreased due to the coronavirus. Even so, we can’t give up on our summer business, too. In times like this, it is necessary to carefully select and select products so that you can do business with ‘low cost and high efficiency’. Have you ever heard of the lipstick effect? Due to the thin wallet situation, consumers are buying more expensive lipsticks or ties instead of luxury bags or luxury cars. Likewise, the increase in sales of relatively cheaper products that brings satisfaction to the buyer is called ‘The Lipstick Effect’. It is an unusual consumption pattern that usually appears during economic downfalls, such as now. As of March, this year, the US stock market also had the lowest since 2012. It is expected that this year will be a year which products that can be purchased at relatively low prices stand out. Also, an opportunity to sell will come when the coronavirus situation calms down and consumption needs erupts out. For each product category, summer product trends were extracted, and products were recommended accordingly.


Part 1. Trends expected by the top 10 companies in the hair industry this summer

A few years ago, if a style was fashionable, it lasted quite a long time, so it was easy to profit out of it. However, in recent years, there have been no obvious trends, and after 3-4 months, the trends are long gone, so development teams of hair companies are having trouble. In order to take a peek into to the riddle-like minds of our consumers, we gathered the trends expected by each industry-leading development team and divided them into braiding and weaving hair parts.


Braiding 1. Popularity of Shorter Fashion Twists than Last Year
If a fashion twist of 18 inches or more sold well last year, it seems that many short styles such as 8 inches and 10 inches will be found trending this summer.



Braiding 2. The Rise of Knotless Braiding
As awareness about healthy care of natural hair is increasing, Knotless braiding products that do not burden the hair roots and are painless are becoming popular. It also contributes to the spread of the natural hair hairstyle anti-discrimination law (Crown act), which has been expanding across the United States since last year.


Braiding 3. Style & Braid Ponytail with Curl in Braid or LOC
If the end of the braiding was previously sealed by hot water treatment, this year, the end is not sealed but curled. Pastel or ombre colors are expected to be leading the trends. In addition, braid ponytail is also emerging as a trend.


Weaving Hair 1. Natural Color & Mixed Blonde
If bold colors were popular last year, it is better to order extra colors 1, 1B, 2, and 4, as natural colors are expected to be strong this year. In addition, it is expected that the signature summer color, blonde, will be fashionable in a mixture of various other colors.


Weaving Hair 2.  More Natural Lace
Products with features added to look more natural than the HD Lace that was released some time ago, and Free Part is expected to continue to be popular. HD Lace is introduced to the market by adding names that include the characteristics of brands such as Transparent, Melt, Invisible, Whole, and Glueless.


Wig 3. Shoulder-length Wigs
A blunt bob style that is shoulder-length is anticipated to be popular in the market.


Part 2. We Asked the Purchase and Development Team! Chemical & Cosmetic

According to the Global Cosmetic Industry, there is an increasing demand for natural products for African American consumers.  In 2020, products with natural ingredients that exclude chemical ingredients are expected to increase, as consumers are asking for corporate ethics, environmental responsibility, and clean beauty.  Unlike the hair market, which has given a lot of market share to hair online shopping malls, chemical products are still available only in retail stores, so if you understand the needs of consumers, you can rock in summer sales. The cosmetic sector, which served as a key product for beauty supplies due to the trend of eyelash in 2019, is expected to continue the trend this year. 2in1 products that are easy to understand, easy to buy, and has several functions in one package are more noticeable than products that require complicated steps to follow.

Chemical 1. Natural Ingredients
As more and more consumers use their own hair as natural hair, the number of customers who consider products’ ingredients as well as their functions has increased. Since 2018, consumers’ interest in natural products has grown, and it was accepted as a niche market at the time, but now it is becoming a huge trend rather than just a niche market.


Chemical 2. Functionalization and Diversity of Lace Wig Related Products
As the popularity of lace wigs increases the popularity of related products, including lace bond glue, increases too, so the market competition is expected to intensify. Last year’s lace glues that were improved and upgraded according to consumers’ needs and lace tints stand out.


Cosmetic 1. 3D Mink Eyelash with Added Functionality, Color Eyelash
Eyelash products, which were prize-winning products last year, are expected to continue their momentum this year. As the competition of eyelash products increases, the products that added functionality or brand distinction stand out from the styles that were popular last year. In particular, in the beauty industry where sustainability is important, products with more than 25 re-uses were also released, and unlike the existing color eyelash that targeted summer, it is the high-quality color mink eyelash made by mixing with 3 types of lash and clear band treatment that is noteworthy this summer.


Cosmetic 2. Gorgeous or Simple
Lip gloss and lip oil products are still a trend, but glitters and non-dry matte lipsticks are also expected to rise.


Cosmetic 3.  Good cost-effective products such as 2-in-1
As more and more consumers want to shorten the process and time of makeup, products with two functions in one product will be sold a lot this summer. In the case of the eye shadow palette, 9-color palettes that contain only desired colors is preferred than large palettes with too many colors.


Part 3. Summer 2020 MVP Goods!

As hair sales, which were the main source of income for beauty supply retail store owners, decreased, many business owners turned to miscellaneous goods sales. As reflected in this situation, the number of exhibitors in the miscellaneous goods sector also increased significantly at the 2020 Beauty Trade Show, where you can see the new products of each company at a glance. Miscellaneous goods gradually increase from the tax return season and peaks in June. “It’s most regrettable not to order products that are going to be popular because we don’t think retail store owners are going to sell, and we have to trust the expertise and eyes of buyers who specialize in miscellaneous goods to ensure that they don ‘ t fail, “said D general merchandise company. Let’s find out about the trendy summer products from experts this summer.


Clothing 1. Tie-dye Style and Gym Items Due to The Working-out Trend in African Americans
The “Tie dye” style, which seems to have spread like watercolors, is expected to be popular and will be seen in all parts of bike shorts, hats, slippers and T-shirts. In addition, the trend of fashion items and functions is being expanded in general leggings due to the workout craze of African Americans


Clothing 2. Neon Color, Animal Print
Following last year, this summer will be a dazzling year, with neon color fads, including hats, bags and kimono cardigans. Cheetah and Snake prints are also noticeable.


Sunglasses 1. Linen stone Sunglasses Along the Frame
Sunglasses with frames all decorated with linen stone are hot. The popular shapes are oversized, cat’s-eye, and even styles that are used only for fashion without the lens.


Sunglasses 2. Two-tone color; oversized or micro sized
More colorful lenses, not black or dark lenses, are popular. A lot of square-shaped large size lenses are sold, but thick frames are also sold well these days. Nowadays, plastic material that is lighter than metal is used. On the contrary, small size lenses gives a hip feeling with a size that barely covers by the eyeballs, and there are many products that contain colors such as yellow and pink due to the retro heat.


Shoes 1. Bling or Simple!
Beauty Supply’s shoe wholesaler H said that the brilliant neon colored flip flops and slides with beads are the most pre-ordered products this summer. On the contrary, the transparent strap heels made of eco-friendly PVC is simple but unique, and it goes well in summer.


Shoes 2. Light Fur Slippers with Feathers that Float
Compared to last year’s fur slipper trends, this year’s fur slipper is made of lighter and floatier fur to make it look richer and more abundant. Racoon fur slippers are sold at up to 80$ online, so the key point is to get good quality products.


Jewelry 1.  Pandora st / Leaf n Heart / Iced out Bling
There are a lot of pre-orders of styles like the Pandora brand, which is famous for creating a bracelet of your own by adding your choice of charms. As a prominent example, it is noteworthy that due to the development of modern plating technology, products that could not be copied in the 80s and 90s were introduced to the market again at low prices but maintaining quality. Lastly, the word “Iced out” from hip-hop slang refers to a jewelry look decorated with diamonds and platinum. This style, derived from the ice-like look of diamond, can satisfy consumers’ vanity in the summer.

Cover Story BY BNB Magazine