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Companion Products for Braids – Small Knotless Box Braid

Box braids have been a popular style among women of color for hundreds of years. Many women are still wearing box braids thanks to quicker and easier techniques, including adding crochet over cornrows instead of individually braiding strands, which have become popular over the few years in the past. Traditional box braids are easy to maintain, protect your natural hair, and at the same time allow you to wear fabulous daily looks.

In recent years, braids have become a widely recognized protective style with the popularity of natural hair movement. As techniques like crochet and knotless were introduced to styling like twists and braids, hairstyling becomes less stressful to the scalp and more approachable for people wanting a casual daily style. Last time, we introduced you to knotless braids, which are also based on box braids. Although box braids that require you to pull your hair while adding braid hair, knotless braids are much less stressful to your scalp. In addition, you can freely divide your hair into creative patterns and in any desired thickness. While you need a considerable amount of time, about 5–6 hours, once done they last for 4–6 weeks offering consistently neat hairdos.

If a customer is reluctant to try braids because of sensitive scalp or fear of pain, you can talk about the benefits of knotless braids and sell braid hairs.  For customers looking for affordable alternatives to natural hair, you can confidently recommend braid hairs if you know elegant styles options and maintenance tips.


Why knotless braids?

Almost no pain to the scalp

Many braiders with years of experience all say one thing. It is of utmost important that you pull the hair as little as possible to avoid tension and irritation in the scalp. If you work on a tight braid, it becomes inevitable that the hair needs to pull the scalp, resulting in skin damages and a possibility of infection. Getting rid of tight knots in braids makes the braiding process more pleasant.


Diverse style options

Knotless braids allow you to style your hair immediately after the braiding. For traditional braids, you need to wait for some hair growth before you style the hair, but knotless braiding is relaxed enough for your scalp for immediate styling. Lately, it is popular to add curls in the middle of box braids or at the end. – Knotless Braid with Curly Ends



Because you can add desired amount of hair to the braids, it is very light as long as you avoid hairs made of exceptionally heavy materials. Based on the design of cornrows, you can decide the number of braids, requiring only a small number of braids.
In addition to the benefits of knotless braids, let’s talk about the various styles. In addition to straight back styles, you can add bulk hair or curls to create various styles.

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Products you can recommend to customers wearing braids.

  1. If your customer has cornrows, you know they need oils for nourishing and moisturizing. They come in various lengths and textures, but they still are a basic style. You want to have as many kinds of items as possible to meet your customer’s need. Try placing various oils beside the counter.

1. ORS- Olive Scalp Oil
2. Infinix – Vitamin conditioning Scalp Oil
3. OGX – Tea Tree Mint Extra Strength Scalp Treatment


  1. When you wear braids, you can’t help but wash them less often than your natural hair. To maintain braids longer and cleaner, you need to keep your scalp healthy most of all. You can clean and treat braids with cleansing water and apple cider vinegar while applying cleansing spray onto the root underneath the scalp. You can recommend products to cleanse their scalp in substitution of shampoos, such as dry shampoos that require a quick spray and nothing more.

1. Bestie’s Dry shampoo
2. Dove – Dry Shampoo
3. Not Your Mother’s Brand – Clean Freak
4. Girl Hair- Under Hair Care
5. Cantu- Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rince


  1. An itchy head comes with braids. Scratching can often incur skin damages. Anti-itching products are great companions to reduce itchiness as well as dryness.

1. Doogro- Anti Itch Growth Oil
2. Shea Moisture – Wig & Weave Scalp Soother
3. Mango &Lime- No more itch gro spray
4. Ebin – Anti Itchy Scalp care


  1. There’s a great tip you can share with the customers looking for leave-in conditioners. After you apply conditioner, you divide hair into two and twist them. The result is more moist and soft hair. Already many customers ask for edge controls before you recommend; they should be displayed alongside the leave-in conditioners. Conditioning sprays can hold the sharp edges and prevent stray hairs. You can maximize sales with them.

1. Cantu- Shea Butter leave in conditioner
2. Shea Moisture – Restore conditioner
3. African Pride- Leave in Conditioner


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