Chic style is what you want? Try “top knot bun”

Chic style is what you want? Try “top knot bun”

Top knot bun is a bun style that is made from winding your hair in a bun on top of your head. It is not to be confused with having your hair up for daily comfort during exercise or while chilling at home. Nowadays, you can see top knot bun styles on red carpet or catwalk worn by movie stars and models, who end up receiving spotlights at the event. The style is now an obvious trend. It is easy to style and quick to complete, and it goes well with any style of clothing, providing ample reasons to be loved by women.

What’s top knot bun style?

The basic of top knot bun hairdo is to wind all your hair into a bun, but variations of the basic style are more on the trend. Originally, these types of bun styles are known to be originated from the oriental culture including China where adult women made a bun to signal others that they are married.

How to make top knot bun?

To make the most natural looking top knot bun style, you need to style the hair when your hair has been dried completely after a shampoo and have sufficient volume. You will need bobby pins and scrunchies. If you want to style right after shampoo, you will need volume spray to thicken your hair for a natural looking top knot bun. If you want to tame the edge hair for a sleek look, you will need edge control products and hair sprays or gels.

A screenshop of a video clip featuring an easy way to style top knot bun ©SharronReneé YouTube

Free falling curls on side hairs completed a feminine look ©bombblackhair Instagram

A unique mood was created with blue dyed hair ©nyanelebajoa Instagram

Top knot bun with sleek edge highlights a clean and feminine look ©Kenzey Cooper YouTube

Beware of this when you do top knot bun!

Although top knot bun is great to present a chic image with quick and easy styling, if you pull the hair too tight, it can cause hair loss like any other hairdos. If you notice your hair breaking or falling off, you need a short break from the style. Especially watch out for tying the knot too tightly, and you can use scrunchies instead of rubber bands to reduce stress on your scalp.

Curls at the edge hair created a unique style ©Honey Youtube


Do you need long hair?

To style top knot bun, you need at least 6-8 inches of hair length. The longer your hair is and the more volume you have, the easier it is to style. In the case you have very short hair, you can use various extensions designed for ponytail or even use a preformed bun style extensions. You can certainly do top knot buns with short hair as shown in the video clips below.

A screenshot from a video explaining how to make a top knot bun using braiding extensions when you have short hair ©Life with Patie Youtube

Ninja Bun is another name for top knot bun

Ninja bun has knots on the top portion, and it is known to be inspired in Africa. It has more twists that pile up tall, and it typically features a tighter and taller bun compared to the natural and voluminous look of other top knot buns.

©Morelle TV Youtube

Two-bun variation of ninja bun to create cheerful mood. A sleek edge styling is a focal point ©Salon_Difference Instagram

Ninja bun meets full bang to create a polished look ©cliffvmir Instagram


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