Cardi B’s Hairstyle Refuses to be Average & Plain

Cardi B’s Hairstyle Refuses to be Average & Plain


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The best trend setter in late 2010, the first female rapper to be #1 on the Billboard chart four times, the first female solo artist to win the Grammy Awards rap album. These are the words that describe her.
While her singer career is very glamorous, there are other reasons the beauty industry should pay attention to this woman. It’s her wigs. When ordinary rappers show off their fortunes with shoes, cars, and jewelry, she shows off her fortunes with wigs that are different almost every day. This is why her house is known as a “wig museum” among fans.
Her wigs are usually colorful and unique. She tries, without hesitation, colors that the general public usually does not try. Pink, green, blue, and purple wigs often decorate her look.

Pink Hairstyle Perfect for Clubbing

She often wears pink wigs. Whenever she dyes her hair pink, she reveals it to the public through Instagram broadcast, drawing a hot response from fans. With the current situation where the club has been closed for several months due to the pandemic, the recently released ‘heart’ style made the fans clamor for clubbing.

Her “Trademark” Look is Matching Fashion and Hair color

She aims for a unified sense of color by matching her eyebrow makeup, clothes color, and hair color. The same fashion and hair color are her favorite styling method. Two or three colors that are similar are often matched together, and they create a harmonious look.

Daily Fashion that is Sometimes Unbalanced

She created an unbalanced style by matching dark pink hair with a modest suit and black shoes. She used a relatively less dark color for the part she wanted to emphasize, and her large, colorful nails and pink eye makeup also stand out. Conversely, she made her hairstyle stand out using fashion and nails.

Modest but Unique styling at Formal Outings

This is the styling she uses mainly in formal situations. The hair style with a neatly braided part makes it look ordinary, but it does not miss the uniqueness with its striking color. Of course, the color of hair and fashion were unified, and the lip color was also applied to make it naturally harmonious.

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