Building a Platform in the Beauty Industry!

Building a Platform in the Beauty Industry!

The 2nd Beauty Trade Festival Sketch

On June 30, the Georgia Beauty Supply Association (President Son) hosted the 2nd “Beauty Trade Festival” at the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Forum in Georgia. About 100 vendors participated in making around 250 booths for visitors to learn about hair, chemicals, jewelry, makeup, clothing, accessories and other miscellaneous goods.

There was increased participation from hair companies at this year’ s Beauty festival
The proportion of hair vendors at beauty festivals are at a decline. Recent sales of hair in beauty supply stores can be seen as a direct reflection of the market situation. However, this year’ s Festival showed positive signs that this trend may be changing. Of the total participating vendors, there were 18 hair companies. It was evident that there were increased proportions of many mid-sized or start up hair companies along with a couple large companies which made the festival more successful. For cosmetic companies, all 7 companies including SM participated. There were other smaller vendors that were present which showed the increasing amount of different cosmetic products in beauty supply retail.

Aspects of beauty festivals
The president of the Georgia Beauty Association, Son, who put together this year’ s Beauty Trade Festival said “ I would first like to express my gratitude to all the guests and vendors who have travelled a long way to participate in the show.” She added “we hold a beauty trade festival to enable vendors and buyers to meet and help each other. It provides an opportunity to trade new or popular products at lower prices as well as having the chance to get a better understanding of the products of participating companies.” In addition, Mr.Hong, the general manager, said that “this was the second show and although the show went great, there was a little regret on how things went. Next year, we will be more thoroughly prepared so that there are absolutely no regrets.” This year’ s Trade Festival also hosted Clover insurance to hold a business seminar. There was a prize ceremony held at the end of the exhibition and Georgia JC Beauty’ s Kim Kyung Hee won the $8000 massage chair. The event was concluded with a special performance by soprano, Lee Young Soo singing a beautiful famous Korean song, “Longing for Mt. Geumgangsan.”

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