Braiding Hair: A Beauty Icon of Today

Braiding Hair: A Beauty Icon of Today

Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of the August issue of Allure with a blonde long braided hairstyle. In the cover, a stunning 15-foot braiding extension entwined Kim Kardashian from her head to her toe like an art exhibit.

Kim Kardashian allure Aug.2022 Cover

The meaning of 15-foot braiding of Kim Kardashian

Braiding was hugely popular but largely among Black women, but when the beauty icon Kim Kardashian made appearances wearing braided hairstyles often, many influencers started copying her styles. Fashion retail websites started to list braiding extensions, and many braiding technique videos are flooding YouTube covering various styles including Kim Kardashian’s hairdos. Although 15-foot long braiding might not be practical to wear in a daily life, the cover inspired many by encapsulating the beauty of long braid. Now, braiding hair is becoming a familiar item among White women, too.

Online fashion retailers like Prettylittlething are selling various colors of 34″ extensions by lullaBellz. They cost around $55 ©lullabellz

You can find 32″ long braiding hair at a lower price, namely $14, on Amazon ©Amazon

Ponytail long braiding hair

Long braided ponytail has become a popular fashion item. Above all, it is easy to style to begin with, and various colors of extension hairs are readily available in the market. So, you can simply purchase a pre-styled braided ponytail or create a ponytail style with any braiding extension. Also, they go well with casual to formal outfit in all seasons, and you can mix and match freely, making it a global trend for women.

A screenshot of YouTube video clip featuring Kim Kardashian braiding how-to ©Dulce Candy

Long braided ponytail styles are now hot because they go well with any skin color ©Tanisha Dhillon YouTube

Trendy looks by Black female influencers

Long braiding hair has been used widely by Black women, but the symbolic long braided hairdo by Kim Kardashian made it viral. More and more influencers are posting their unique styles. A notable trend among influencers’ posts is that they are almost always featuring long hair that falls below the waistline and nearly touching the thigh.

A video introducing how to make a long braiding ponytail with braiding extensions ©Teaira Walker YouTube


Sleek edge is a key point

The final touch of a style is always at taming the edge. When you wear a long braided ponytail style, the highlight goes to the neatly combed over hair for a clean look. You can edge the baby hair if desired, and you can also create various moods using different parting, colors, and hair accessories.

Two strand braiding to create a cheerful and trend look ©allofdestiny YouTube

Neat and clean baby hair catches people’s eyes ©Ivonmelda YouTube


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