Bling-bling Hair Accessories, Bring Bling to Store Sales!

Bling-bling Hair Accessories, Bring Bling to Store Sales!



Hair Accessories are Essential Items of Beauty Supply Stores

To be honest, in beauty supply, hair accessories such as hair beads, balls, and pins have a low unit price, so selling them is does not make a big profit. That is why many owners neglect them. However, hair accessories are crucial because they are the products that Black customers most frequently look for in stores.
“It’s not about making a profit out of these hair beads. You need these to attract customers. You can’t just sell high-priced products.”—Southern OO Beauty Supply President
Without these seemingly trivial accessories, customers won’t come to the store as much, and the overall sales of beauty supplies will inevitably decrease.


Hair Accessory Sales Increase During the Pandemic

Industry officials have agreed that even during the lockdown period due to the pandemic last year, beauty supply’s hair accessory sales have actually increased.
“Since people couldn’t go to beauty salons and get their hair done, there were a lot of people who simply styled their hair with a hairpin or a hair scarf and went out.”
“I think it’s because more people used affordable hair beads and balls to decorate their children’s hair.”
“As the braiding hair craze continued, the accessories needed for it also attracted attention.”


Hair Accessories to Steal the Spotlight in the First Half of 2021

BNB has looked into hair ornaments that sold well last year, while nobody was able to escape the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also analyzed what ornaments will be popular in the first half of this year through experts in the general goods industry and various beauty-related articles. Prepare yourself for the coming spring/summer season of 2021 so that your business can shine brightly like shiny hair accessories.



1. Hair Beads

Gorgeous hair beads decorated with rhinestones and crystals

With braids in vogue, hair beads are also attracting attention with products specialized in braids. The gorgeous hair beads decorated with rhinestones, which was popular last year, is also expected to remain in fashion.

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Tube-shaped hair beads for braids

The dreadlock trend has evolved into the butterfly loc, and the perfect hair accessory for this is a tube-shaped gold bead/cuff. This gold tube-shaped bead, which can be inserted anywhere on the braiding hair strand to add extra charm, is gaining great popularity online recently.


Neat and clean, transparent or white hair beads

Easter is the season for transparent or white hair beads. They are the most basic style of hair beads. Recently, customers prefer larger beads than smaller ones. As the pandemic continues this year, the stocks from China are having difficulties to import, so it would be wise to order beads of basic color in advance. An industry official also pointed out, “If there is no solid color products, white and transparent two-tone beads can be an alternative.”

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Comeback! Wooden hair beads in the 90s

Wood beads were very popular in the early 90s, 30 years ago. Suddenly, African-style wooden hair beads that disappeared in time are back. Wood was mainly a material for making bracelets and sometimes necklaces, but now it’s reborn into hair ornament beads. The colorful traditional African patterns and the naturalness of wood create a snazzy synergy with subtle beauty. At a time when pride in black identity is increasing, display it in a well-visible area in the beauty supply accessory section and you will get a good response from consumers.



2. Hair Barrettes

Bow Shaped Hair Barrett

It is said that the wheel of fashion goes full circle. Like wooden beads, 90s’ ribbon hairpins are expected to be in style once again. It would be a good idea to pay attention to the retro 90s for this year’s beauty mode. In particular, white and pink bows with Easter rabbit’s ears attract consumers’ eyes. This will maximize children’s cuteness. If this product goes on display in spring, it will become popular.

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Rhinestone or pearl decorated barrettes

Barrettes with rhinestones and pearls are still hot since last year. One thing you must know when ordering this product is that you should make sure the decorations do not fall off. “If you order cheap ones, the stones might fall off just one or two hours after wearing,” an industry official advises.

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3. Hair Bands

Rhinestone hair bands

2020’s rage, the rhinestone-embellished hair bands will still be in fashion until 2021 spring. It was all the rage since last year because of its luxurious but elegant splendor. The price is much cheaper this year than when it first came out, so it shouldn’t be much of a burden to customers to buy impulsively.

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Flower hair bands

Thick winter hair bands are going out. instead, cute and bright flower hair bands are expected in spring( At the spring and summer 2021 fashion show of luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, a colorful flower pattern was put on the stage as the main concept. The beauty industry is predicting that flower-decorated hair bands will become the main players leading the hair band trend this year.


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4. Satin Head Turbans & Bands
1 Mile Look, knotted turban

During the pandemic and the Stay Home phenomenon, the so-called “One Mile Look” has become a fad. Many people are looking for a comfortable yet stylish look when they go out nearby. A scarf or band made of satin can be worn easily and stylishly when going out for a short distance without hair care. Satin does not allow moisture to fly away and gives a silky luxurious texture. In particular, turbans that have already been shaped are gaining popularity, because there is no need to make a knot on the forehead.




Headbands to keep hair hydrated in dry spring

Most blacks have dry hair. That’s why they try to keep their hair hydrated. In dry season, like winter or spring, black women look for wide headbands suitable for moisture retention. In addition to functionality, it is better if the product’s design is fresh. Also, customers prefer spandex, which is light and convenient to use.

Firstline’s silky wide infinity band


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