Beauty Plus developed mobile search & order app “Hairventory”

Where Can I Find the Products I’m Looking For?

Beauty Plus developed mobile search & order app “Hairventory”


A hair industry trendsetter Beauty Plus (Janet Collection & Esha) is making a splash with a mobile app called “Hairventory” that brings an entirely new shopping experience to consumers. Hairventory is a mobile app that provides a list of nearby beauty supplies and allows users to place an order online. We will discuss how to use the app and how it benefits the retailers and consumers.

Hairventory: How to Use?

This application will find items you are looking for and suggest recommended items along with the locations of nearby beauty supply retail stores. You can locate the entire collection of hair and chemical products by Janet Collection and Esha. If you search a certain item, the app populates the nearby locations that have the item in stock. You can set the radius of up to 50 miles within which you can search. If you place an order online, you can track the order status and receive notifications subsequently. The app is available for download on both Android and iPhone.

How to Utilize Hairventor

Step 1. Locate the item you want.
Step 2. Select the beauty supply retail store closest from you.
Step 3. Place an order.
Step 4. Track the order status.
Step 5. Go and pick up your item.

What Good Hairventory Brings?


Since the pandemic, the shopping patterns of consumers shifted drastically. Contactless shopping, such as online purchases followed by store pick-ups, has become a mainstream. Many e-Commerce companies along with Amazon are increasingly dominating the retail market. According to the CBS News, this year alone, 9 millions small businesses will shut their doors. Today, you can say that the survival of offline retail stores largely depends on the digital technology support such as mobile apps. “Hairventory” should be able to solve some of the problems arising from the digital trend for many retail stores.


Hairventory can substantially reduce the inconvenience of shopping. By searching with product categories such as braids, wigs, and weaves, you can sort and filter the list of items based on popularity and varying grades. If you use more specific search terms such as “HD lace frontal” or “butterfly locs”, you can view product details, hair tutorials, and product reviews as well. With Hairventory, you no longer need to shop around multiple beauty supply retail stores to find a product you like.

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