Basic Makeup and Tools, How Much…

Basic Makeup and Tools, How Much Do You Know?

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If you go to the makeup corner at any shopping mall, you will see makeup artists busy testing out new makeup products. They use a variety of different tools to create the best makeup look for their customers. Choosing the right products and tools are just as important as choosing the right colors for your skin type. Let us take a closer look at the most basic types of makeup and their uses!


The most fundamental products when applying makeup are primers and base products. Although these two can be seen as essentially the same products, there are a couple differences amongst them. For example, it is important to choose a makeup base that brightens your skin tone as well as compliments it. The primer on the other hand fills in the pores, leaving the skin soft and poreless. A daily makeup look can be done without a base applied but it is a must for party makeup, weddings or any special event. Base and primers can be applied to the face using your fingers and dried before anything else is applied.
A good eyelid base or primer used on the eyelids can make your beautiful eye makeup last all day. A lip base also provides smooth lips and hydration as well as protection from UV rays. For dry skin types, a liquid primer will be best and for oily skin types, a matte primer will be the better option.

The main function of foundation is to cover up any blemishes on the face and create a porcelain-like face. It also makes other makeup applied more even and brighter. With the endless options of foundations on the market, make sure to choose a formula and color that suits your skin type and color. It will be beneficial to try out the foundation and color under the sun rather than in the store to see if it is truly the right color. Make sure to apply the product as naturally as possible to avoid streaks on the face or uneven spots. For oily skin types, oil-free or matte foundation will be the best option. Apply a powder on top of the foundation to avoid an oily face all day. Nowadays, cream powder and foundation cushions are popular for easy wear and good coverage. Even though it is a great powder, it is important to recognize what products will best work with your skin. For example, people with oily skin should avoid cream and cushion foundations.

BB Cream and CC Cream
BB cream and CC cream can be considered as the most basic types of daily protective makeup with sheer coverage. BB cream is a blemish balm that covers acne scars and such while protecting the skin from UV rays with its SPF functions. CC cream stands for Color Control or Complete Correction which serves as skin care to protect the skin and correct skin color. While BB cream has a slightly higher density than CC cream, both products include SPF for the highest level of protection. Know the difference between BB cream and CC cream to choose the right product for you.

Concealer is used to cover the blemishes that are not fully covered after applying foundation, BB cream or CC cream. Concealer functions to create a smooth and perfectly blemish-free face that covers any dark spots, dark circles, freckles or acne. Liquid concealer can be used as a highlighter under the eyes that is blended out to hide any dark circles and prevent creasing. Cream or stick concealer can also be used for under eye care or any blemishes. There are also different colored concealers for different uses such as green or orange to even out undertones. After applying concealer, pat the area with loose powder to eliminate creasing or fall-out throughout the day. The powder will also allow the concealer to settle deeply into your skin making it look natural. Make sure you are careful when selecting concealer shades that it does look too different than your current skin tone.

Bronzer was created to make tanner skin but it has been shifted to shade the face to create a contoured look. Dark chocolate colored bronzer can be used to create a smaller, shaved face look by applying product on the cheekbones and jawline. The purpose of bronzer is to use a darker shade of at least two tones for a more defined face. Use a round, large brush to apply the product along the hairline, jawline, and cheekbones for the perfectly bronzed face.

Blush is a product that gives life to any look when applied to the cheeks or cheek bone area. Blush is often used for a youthful and elegant look but is guaranteed to make you look healthy and vibrant. Keep in mind that too much blush can be excessive and burdensome on the face. It is important to apply a natural amount for the best results.

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