Barber Shop Must-Haves

Barber Shop Must-Haves

There are several hair tools that can only be found at barber shops. Basic, but must-have items for barbers include hair clipper, trimmer, shears, sterilizer, and shaver. These may be unfamiliar to women but staple at barbers that beauty supply stores often carry.

Hair Clipper

Hair clipper is needed for faded hair styles with layers that natural connect from top to bottom. For a clipper to be considered a quality product, it needs sharp blade, powerful motor, and comfortable grip that would not strain the wrist when held in hand all day.

Barber’s preference for wireless clipper also becomes a determining factor. Those who need to use the device all day without charging tends to prefer wired clipper. Some of the most sought-after brands out in the market are Wahl, Andis, and Oster. Of them, Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic clip product is the most popular and Oster Classic 76 is also often asked for

Hair Trimmer

Hair Trimmer is used when the hair needs to be trimmed shorter than when cut with a clipper, or shave hair on the neck or mustache. Noticeable differences between a trimmer and clipper are the size and length of the blade. Andis T-Outliner is the current bestseller but if one seeks for a smaller and lighter trimmer, Wahl Peanut product is recommended


Edger is also known as a liner or detailer in the market, as it reenacts a detailed haircut that a sharp blazer can achieve. Wahl Detailer and Wahl Razor Edger are some of the most popular products in the market.


Guard is a helpful tool for barbers to finish various cuts such as fading or tapering. Barbers tend to select guards based on the brand and model of the clipper that they own. You may have heard of customers asking for very specific orders like, “I’d like a 8 on top and a 4 on the sides”. The numbers refer to the type of guards and those who come to learn the guard number that fit their taste can demand for a more tailored cut. Lower numbered guards cut the hair to shorter length

Barber Shears

Barber shears is a must-have tool for a barber, to perform basic techniques like cutting hair and trimming beard. In order to reduce the amount of strain placed on the wrist and hand, customers should look for shears with ideal size and design that best fit their taste and hands.

Best hair scissors are the ones that can execute natural-looking trims with ergonomic design that can be used for hours without putting pressure on the hands. There are largely two types of hair scissors: one is for cutting the hair and shear is mostly for volume control. Price ranges from $20 to $1,200, depending on the brands.

Barber Comb

Comb at the shops are sturdier and made with higher quality material than the ones used at home. Barbers favor combes with wider tooth in order to easily brush the hair in all directions and add finishing touches to the style. Heat-resistant comb that repels static should be used when hair is blow-dried. When fading the hair, combs with various tooth length, from short to long is ideal.

Straight Razor

Straight Razor is a classic tool that is needed to shave face and neck area. Shops that still practice traditional method use razor, shaving cream and shave lotion. Keeping the blade sharp require special attention and effort of the barber. Straight Razor also come in handy when doing a short and bold cut.

Sterilizing & Disinfectant Supplies

Because sharp blades often come in close contact with customers at the barber shop, the tools need to be sterilized and kept in a hygienic environment. Barbers use clipper blade cleaner spray and other powerful disinfectant supplies to prevent the blades and tools from being contaminated. These tools must be cleaned multiple times throughout the day to maintain it sterile

Neck Strips & Cape

Neck strip and capes are provided at the shops to provide the most immaculate and pleasurable barber experience for the customers. Neck strips are usually disposable and wraps around the neck to prevent the chopped hair from falling inside the shirt. Cape is drawn over at the front to keep the hair from sticking to customer’s clothes. Capes are made with either  nylon or polyester: nylon capes are preferred when using hair dyes or shampoo because it’s water-resistant. Polyester capes can be used for regular hair cut.

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