As the season of water activities is coming, what are water-friendly products out there?

As the season of water activities is coming, what are water-friendly products out there?

The summer comes near and water activities draw attention. After getting back to normal life because of the Covid vaccination, people will come out to the public from every corner.
However, those were not common for our regular customers, African Americans. There are racism-related incidents with swimming pools, and they do not prefer swimming. Nevertheless, the biggest concern is their hair.
Their dry scalp and weak natural hair are not strong enough to endure chlorine in the water. Hence if they were using the hair products while swimming, their water-soaked hair easily becomes heavier, and it turns out either the product ruins the hair or the product comes off from the head.
Companies start to roll out products that can resolve these critical drawbacks. Those are made to be lighter than other products and waterproof.

Chade Fashion’s Water Tex Braid, it takes only a couple of minutes to dry up

This product was aiming for water activities from the beginning. Their own research has proved that it prevents bacterial 99 percent and dries up in a couple of minutes. Even if the product becomes water-soaked after water activities, it gets back to the original states within a few minutes after exposing it to the sunshine.

Golden States Imports’ H2O Crochet Braid, Introducing Water gliding technology, water never seeps in

Golden States imports invented the Water gliding technique and adapted it to their braiding hair products, which offers a water-proof technique for both swimming and leisure activities. General braids on the market usually absorb water like a sponge, but the Water gilding technique lets water drip down to the surface.
Even after it is socked, water does not seep into the braid itself, and anti-bacterial fiber helps maintain the hair clean and fresh. The water gliding braid is apt for any type of active leisure sports because it is very resistant to water. Not only is it waterproof but also easy to clean so, it is even perfect for a hygiene purpose.

Sensationnel Hair’s Ruwa Braids, light, and highly resilient to water

While conducting market research, the development team found that customers habitually scratch the scalp with a stick or a pen. Based on this discovery, the development team decided to make a braid that is capable of washing with shampoo even after swimming or exercising.
The team went through trial and error and invented a near water repellent braid. According to the official experiment held in Baltimore, braids on the market becomes twice heavier after absorbing water, Ruwa braid becomes only 50% heavier. Drying speed is exceptionally faster than braids on the market.

A hairstyle that gets prettier after absorbing water? Wet & Wavy!

Soggy hairstyle is meant to be ruined easily. With all effort to place hair products to hair, it starts to lose desired styling and volume when water touches dry hairs.
On the contrary, there is a hairstyle that gets prettier after absorbing water. Wet & Wavy hairstyle, which wins all hearts especially in the summer, will be completed by soaking it with a little bit of water. Because its style gets done with an appropriate amount of water instead of chemicals, not only it is helpful for both health and environment, but also customers get natural-looking perm. Furthermore, this item is suitable for adapting various hairstyles with its long sustainment time. Wet & Wavy hair will be the must-know hair item in the summer.

Hair Trend BY Ingyun Jeong
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