Appeal customers into impulse shopping with these items!

Appeal customers into impulse shopping with these items!

There are always certain items that most supermarkets have on their counters. These are small candies like gums and chocolates, but their placements in shops cannot be ignored. Based on the report in 2020 from the confectionery company, 80% of gums sold were placed on the shop’s counters. Even though there is a separate section for gums, customers pick up gums on the front of counters.

There are not many customers who go to shop to buy gums, but there are so many customers who buy gums. Gums are consumable that people always need, and their price is very cheap. If an item satisfies conditions of cheap price and the necessity for needs, customers easily open their wallets to buy.
What kind of items in beauty supplies can cause the impulse to buy? We ask several retail shops about impulse shopping items, and we sort out for the most sold items.

Items that will reduce time and efforts!

What products do customers look for recently? Many think that braid hairs are the answer. Braid hairs are used every day and become not only a wig, but also the main product type in beauty supply market. Customers who come to buy braids often forget items like crochet needles and threads and scissors for braiding.

It is very inconvenient when customers need to go back for needles while standing on the front of the counter. Customers not only need to stand the line again but also needles and threads are placed at the corners nearby braid hair. When this happens, customers would appreciate if they can find braiding threads nearby the counter.

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Appealing items for impulsive young customers!

In fact, young customers are made up the most portion of impulse shopping. Experienced owners who know this place many toys and items for vacations aiming for the Christmas or long vacation periods. There are items to place near counters for appealing many customers. The most important condition is that price of items must be under $10 for customers to buy items.
A rubber ball for children is the item that satisfies this condition of impulse shopping. A rubber ball is a steady seller item for cheap price and popularity for children. If rubber balls have shape of footballs or basketballs, selling them would be easier especially for the African American children. In practice, many beauty supply shops and sports equipment shops place rubber balls nearby counters.


Items for satisfy thirsts during these hot days!

“I often get confused as if I work in a beauty supply shop or a convenience store.”
This is the complaint from a worker who just started to work in a retail shop on west. He fills up bottled waters and drinks in the mini refrigerator many times a day. Cool bottled waters placed nearby counters are like freezing water from the mountain top making high margins. Drinks which sell $2.5 at average has very low original cost, but customers keep buying these items.
This maximizes the necessity, one of the conditions of impulse shopping, so many retail shops use this strategy. Even though the margin of it is very high, a real price is very low making customers comfortable to buy it.


Do these items actually sell to customers? Unusual items!

We got an unusual report from a big franchise retail shop placed in the southeast region. It was a report that lightings and holders for taking pictures sell a lot when placed near counters. It is because of that taking pictures of completed hairs and “recorded” became popular among the African American who spend long time and efforts making hairs. People post images on the SNS 30% more often after the corona virus. And items for that use sell a lot these days.
However, the price range placed is high, so that shop owners must understand and study target customers before placing items. The owner who sells these items says, if the shop has many young and trendy customers, it is good to consider placing them in a shop.

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