Ambition of a 29 Year Old with 11 Years of Experience!

Ambition of a 29 Year Old with 11 Years of Experience!!

Interview of a Sales Associate in His 20s: Joseph Pak, Assistant Manager at Midway International

Sales job involves a lot of convincing and persuading of people who have little to no interest in making a purchase. To be good at it, you must first possess a brave heart with a good deal of ambition, but experience and knowledge are prerequisites. Still in his 20s, associate manager Pak is considered very young in the hair sales arena. Regardless, he proved himself at Midway, an established hair company better known for its Bobbi Boss brand, and became an associate manager in just two and a half years. What led him to the success? Let’s meet a millennial salesman with ambition and youthful energy, who is one of the youngest sales associates at Midway.


“I’ve got to work hard for my twins!”

That was his answer to a fairly straightforward question: “You must be good at sales, don’t you?” It is his second year in marriage, and his twins just arrived in January this year. He is a good looking guy who is friendly and outspoken. Although he had considered himself outspoken, he said, “I couldn’t say a single word in front of coworkers during the first year at work.” “Now, I became pretty outspoken at work thanks to the two and a half years I spent here, but I was not at all good in the beginning,” Mr. Pak added. After he got married and had children, he realized that he would not make the cut if he stayed that way. Then, he made a lot of effort to become more proactive. Though he is of a relatively young age, he is a very mature professional who takes his responsibility at work as well as at home very seriously.


“Thanks to my dear wife …”

“My wife used to work as a beauty supply manager for about 7 years, so she understands my work as a sales associate pretty well.” “Despite being frequently late from work and often away from home, she understands what is expected of a sales associate and endures them all. More than anything, she’s nurturing the twins alone while I’m away. I sincerely appreciate it.” When questioned about hobbies, he confessed, “I like playing golf, but I’ve been too busy at work, and moreover since the birth of the twins, I haven’t been played golf much lately.” Nevertheless, he did not forget to brag that he could make early golf rounds in Saturdays thanks to his “lovely angel” who let her spouse spend some time out in the golf course for the sake of his physical wellbeing. One’s success starts at home, people say. 


Chance favors the prepared mind.

After graduating high school, he started working in the beauty industry at his age of 18. For more than a decade, he has been digging the same well. What was his secret to be so persistent in his career from such a young age? He humbly said it was all thanks to his luck. Just when he started working at Midway, Yara, or the product code MLF136, was a big hit right after its release in 2017. That was his fortune. Mr. Pak says high quality products like Yara made it possible for him to make good sales in his early years. However, who can say it is all luck? 

There is a saying: “chance favors the prepared mind.” Before starting his career at Midway as a sales associate, Mr. Pak was already seasoned in the beauty industry as a beauty supply manager. He began his beauty supply career at a retail store at his age 18, and he remembers “it was so fun and exciting to work with customers and make sales.” Even when customers were unhappy and complaining, he felt it was rewarding to make them happy again and see them bringing stuff to their home. He became a store manager at his early 20s and worked 8 more years. Hence, when it comes to a beauty supply store, he confidently says, “I know what they want.” Some clients give him the cold shoulder assuming he is too young to know stuff, but as they get to know him better, they realize he has up-to-date product knowledge and a good understanding of the beauty supply business. When they do, they open business account with him. He emphatically states, “I can’t let them down after they have given me, a young salesman, an opportunity, so I work hard and try to regularly visit their stores for constant client service.”

Believing in Products with Pride

“Bobbi Boss is about quality and honesty.” “Like Indi Remi, being a premium product means being more expensive while more profitable,” Mr. Pak passionately explains. “With confidence and pride in products, I can be sincerely persuasive in sales and make more sales in the end.” “Though retail stores tend to prefer low-end products, in a long run, you benefit from selling good quality, well priced products.” “Even if the price is high, I would recommend products with high profitability and low customer complaint.” His belief that “Bobbi Boss products are certainly going to be profitable for his clients” is the driving force of his great sales numbers.


What is Your Sales Philosophy?

“Being a constant contact, making regular visits, introducing new products, and so on, eventually they all come down to consistency. Although I frequently drive a long distance and then come back empty-handed, I don’t stop until they open an account.” Mr. Pak adds, “the clients, who are retail owners, are our priority, so we always want to respect their market.” You cannot show a selfish attitude where you put your sales numbers at top priority per his argument. It is his strong belief that if you are loyal to your clients, your client’s business thrives and consequently your sales. As it is for any great salesman, he is well aware of the fact that “client is the priority.”


“I learn invaluable lessons from people I meet in the field…”

“I really want to recommend a sales experience at a young age to anyone who still has a chance. As I meet many business owners, I realize there are so many accomplished people around us.” There are lessons that you can learn from them that cannot be learned at a classroom.” Mr. Pak works and learns daily as he grows his wisdom of life while he makes money, killing two birds with one stone.


“To make to the top!”

For the last question, he was asked if he has any plan for his career other than the current one. He answered, “I have no intention to work at a different company. I will continue working at Bobbi Boss for my family. And eventually, I want to make it to the senior management.” Mr. Pak who is building his career on a sound foundation speaks very differently than many youngsters who give up easily. He is of an old soul, perhaps. While his youthful ambition stands out, his consistency and diligence speaks louder. Best of luck to Mr. Pak for his great little ambition.

A Salesman’s Vision BY SAMUEL BEOM
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