All you need to know about hair…

All you need to know about hair routine for winter!


The piercing winter wind and the cold wind take the moisture away from the hair and make is more prone to tangling. The warmth from the heater worsens the dry-
ness. The drastic temperature between the interior and the outside becomes a great threat to the well-being of your locks. So we have gathered some tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy even during the colder weather.


Wearing knitted hat during winter can lead to hair break-age. It is safe to wrap a silk scarf around your head before throwing on a hat to protect your hair. If only a section of the hair has been damaged, the problem arises not from improper care but from other winter accessories like a hat or scarf that can cause friction. If you have noticed a severe hair breakage and shedding near the crown or back of your neck where often comes in contact with wool hat or scarf, the problem may have caused by the accessories. If you must wear a hat to fight the cold weather, trying sewing in silky or satin fabric inside. You could also wrap a soft silk scarf around your head before wearing the hat.


Damages like split end indicate that the hair is severely suffering from dryness. Such changes in condition can occur from frequent application of heat on the hair. Insuf-ficient conditioning of the hair can also lead to similar hair damage. Moisturizing the hair is a must for African American wom-en’s hair routine. Regularly deep conditioning the hair and using replenishing hair treatment are the best ways to fight against the dryness in winter. One should also watch out for what type of brush to use. Using a wide tooth comb or boar-bristle brush can be a great solution to hair problems in the winter. You should also refrain from frequent dyeing of the hair because it can leave the hair excessively dry. When the hair styling requires multiple, com-plicated steps, make sure to consult a hairstylist.


Extended exposure to the heater is the healthy hair’s worst enemy during the winter season. Use deep conditioning at least once a week for the hair to restore and retain moisture to the dry hair. Glycerin is known for its excellence in delivering moisture to the hair, but the water binding proper-ties of Glycerin can actually backfire during winter. Using natural oil products instead of glycerin in-cluded items can help the hair retain its moisture. Avocado, coconut, and olive oil can deeply pen-etrate into the cuticles and deliver nutrients. One habit to avoid is to leave the house with the hair still wet as the cold weather can freeze the hair and cause excessive breakage. Try to refrain from shampooing the hair too frequently as well.

Protective styles for the winter!
The protective hairstyle is one of the most efficient ways to maintain the scalp and hair wellness; these refer to hairstyles that prevent the hair tip from tangling, breaking, or even falling out. Bun, updo, braid, and twist are just to name a few. Bun or updo is simple yet a diverse style, appropriate for both party or dressy oc-casions and comfortably worn on a daily basis. A hairpin or stretchable hair band is all you need for easy styling of your hair. Brush to cleanly pull up the hair along the front end is key to making a bun or updo. Use edge control products such as CURLS Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste or ORS Edge Control Gel for a more sleek look.

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