All about the Butterfly Locs, Today’s Rising Hairstyle

All about the Butterfly Locs, Today’s Rising Hairstyle

There is a buzz in the social media around Butterfly Locs, which are a balanced mix of Passion Twists and Goddess Locs and typically utilize Water Wave braiding hair to create a Faux Loc style. As opposed to traditional locs, butterfly locs are easier to style and sufficiently lightweight to be a comfortable style for women with sensitive scalp skin. As soon as the butterfly locs hit the social media, pre-styled extension products began to surface in the market.

Butterfly Locs: How to Style?

The biggest advantage of butterfly locs is that you can emphasize the natural look by displaying the hair texture. Accordingly, as opposed to having a well-structured and tidy locs style, you may create a more attractive style with rough and irregular outline. Even better is that the hairdo would become even more natural looking as time passes.


A YouTube video on in-and-outs of styling butterfly locs

How-to-style Butterfly Locs

First of all, divide your hair into sections and braid or twist your hair. Apply hair gel or edge control products to neatly separate and form each section.



Start creating locs style with rough surface by adding Water Wave extensions to your hair after creating a loop with your thumb. You continue to style until you reach your desired length. Pay attention not to put too much tension in favor of creating a natural looking surface, which is the key for butterfly locs. As you style with extensions with curls, such as Water Wave, you will end up with voluminous but lightweight hair to your advantage.



If you are using crochet technique, you can cornrow your hair first then apply pre-styled butterfly locs products using crochet hooks into the cornrows.


A video clip explaining how to create butterfly locs using crochet hair

Maintenance of Butterfly Locs

Almost all locs styles have a synthetic hair extension surrounding your own hair, so it is impossible to wash your own hair thoroughly. Although crocheted hair would be a bit easier to wash, still a thorough cleaning would be impossible. Accordingly, you should focus on keeping your scalp clean for most locs styles. In the end, it is typical for locs styles to be removed within four weeks, and you should keep in mind that the longer you keep it the unhealthier it gets for your scalp and hair.


A video introducing how to wash locs.



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