A Long Day of Mr. Han

A Long Day of Mr. Han

At an age, where most people would consider retirement, Mr. Myungho Han (66) drives a work van once a week to procure goods for his retail business from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL, a 24-hour-trip all by himself taking sandwiches for his meals. We conducted a short interview with this passionate “young businessman” via a phone call. -Editor-

Bruce Han(66) & David Han(38)  Beauty Depot, Columbus OH


“On October 2, 1999, which was my birthday, I opened a beauty supply business, which kept going for 30 years consecutively. In the midst, I sold my house and a small grocery store to keep investing in the business, which were basically all I had.

It is about time and age that I need to transfer the ownership of the business, and I feel so empowered by my children joining the operation of business lately. The on-site operation of beauty supply business is fully handled by my children. As they all grew up in the U.S., they do business in an American way. Noticing they are wholeheartedly embracing the POS, I feel the difference in the business temperature from my time in the business.

For now, they still have a lot to learn when it comes to making orders for stocking. Hence, I help them out. Last year, during the pandemic, we had shortage of supplies, so I drove a work van to Chicago once a week for procurement. I would take off at 4 AM with a pack of sandwiches and come home around 1–2 AM next day. I could not use restaurants or hotels due to the coronavirus, so I would simply drive non-stop taking meals in the car. After all, despite the covid-19 related shutdown, we made more sales last year compared to the previous years.

I feel still healthy enough to work, and I intend to keep going for it until my 70.

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