A Braid Born under the Name of a Famous Black Beautician

A Braid Born under the Name of a Famous Black Beautician

Goldntree’s Magic Fingers Pre-Stretched 52” by Stasha Harris

The masters united!

An interesting pre-stretched braid was born. A well-established hair company and a well-known black female braider have come together. Since good “genes” were combined to form a single individual, the birth of a luxury product seems natural.
Famous hair company SLI provided good soil, and the #1 choice of professional braiders, Kanekalon’s Afrelle fiber became the healthy seed. Based on this fine seed and soil, Stasha M. has 20 years of experience as a leading braiding expert with 320,000 Instagram followers. Harris participated and gave birth to a handsome son named ‘Magic Fingers 3X Pre-Stretched 52” Braid‘ through hard work for over a year.
“Magic Fingers” is named after the hair salon she runs.

Stasha M. Harris, a braider


The finest Kanekalon Afrelle fiber has been further upgraded!

The head of product development, who led the project, emphasized, “We were able to upgrade the quality further by actually reflecting her opinion, the best braiding expert, throughout the project, beyond simple marketing-level collaboration.”
Kanekalon’s Aprelle fiber, which is 100% used in this product, has already been loved by braiders since long ago. The price of fiber is as high as its high quality.

The Pros of Kanekalon’s Aprelle Fiber ]

  • Natural Yaki texture similar to black hair
  • Softness that minimizes braider’s finger pain
  • Light weight to provide richness in even in small amounts
  • Flame Retardant technology
  • Hot Water Set technology that locks well at 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a low temperature for hot water setting

In addition to the advantages of the fiber itself, it is said that the ratio of pre-stretched hair has been enhanced and the quality of the texture had further improved in the manufacturing process of the product. The head of the project said that in response to Stasha’s proposal to improve quality, the following efforts were made in the manufacturing process:


Increased the proportion of long hair.
In pre-stretched braid products, baby hairs are often added to the top of the product package to make it look rich and weighty. When braiding with such products, the ends do not braid well. Braiding expert Stasha pointed out this drawback of conventional products and suggested increasing the proportion of long hair on the lower part of the pre-stretched product. Accepting this proposal, the company improved the quality of the so-called ‘pre-stretching formula,’ which consistently mixes the proportion of long and short hair, to satisfy consumer-based needs.

Further reduced the chances of tangling.
During the yaki texture manufacturing process, the production speed was slowed by lowering the temperature of the manufacturing machine. Although of risking loss caused by slow manufacturing, the quality of the product has increased. This reduces the damage of the fiber due to high heat and minimizes the tangle of the braid by creating a consistent yaki texture from the beginning to the ends of the hair.

Goldntree’s Magic Fingers 3X Pre-Stretched Braid Package Emphasizing Stasha Harris’ Producing


Black brand marketing

The star who stands out in this project is none other than Stasha. A particularly eye-catching part is the product package with Stasha’s name and face on it. This is read as a ‘blunt’ intention to make the audience aware of the fact that it was produced by Stasha herself. This seems to reflect the recent Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement and the growing interest in black-owned brands in beauty supply consumers.
This marketing strategy has occasionally been in the cosmetics industry in recent years, but it is quite unusual for a professional hair company to try it. However, it looks pretty timely. The project director said, “We will continue to pursue these projects in the future.”
It is also an important and interesting point to watch how this new business model attempted in the hair industry will pay off and how it will affect the overall hair industry in the future.

※ Magic Fingers 3x Pre-Stretched 52″ was released last March using SLI’s braid Goldntree as a mother brand.


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