6 Secrets Makeup Tips Beauty Experts Will Tell You

고수들의 메이크업 비법 엿보기

What are some of the makeup tips that make the skin of African American women look healthy and flawless?  Below are 6 different makeup tricks given by beauty experts in creating the best look. 


Use a foundation with a yellow undertone 

Women with darker skin who apply the incorrect foundation color can have cases of unnatural complexion. Foundations with more yellow tones can be a better fit for most Black women in bringing out the inner glow and perfect skin shade.

Metallic Eyeshadow

There are many instances when Black women use darker eyeshadow and it does not show up very well on the skin. Therefore, it will be more beneficial to use metallic shades that sparkle and glitter rather than a matte eyeshadow. This will also make the face complexion compliment the eye look much more. 

Using Natural Earth Tones 

Earth Tone is exactly what the words mean representing colors that are derived from the dirt or land. Some earth tone colors include dark green, gray and brown. These colors could be considered a little boring or make someone look older but for Black women, these earth tones are basic essential colors in creating a flawless makeup look. 

Mixing Foundations

Many popular makeup brands in the market do not have a wide range of products that fit the skin tones of Black women. This fact is the reason why mixing different foundations to create the correct shade is important in bringing out your best look. Mixing a shade that is one tone lighter and darker than your original skin tone should do the trick. To alleviate this inconvenience for Black women, many brands are working to create more shades that cover a wider range of skin tones. 

Using Gold Shimmer Products 

If asked to choose the best people to use gold highlighters, it would definitely be Black women. Shimmer refers to being sparkly and contains different pearls in the makeup product. Gold tone shimmers look exceptionally great with darker skin tones and will look amazing no matter what.

Darker Lipstick 

When women with lighter skin tones wear dark lipstick, it can look unnatural or burdensome. However, when darker skin toned females wear dark lipstick, it actually looks more natural while still being sexy and feminine. Dark reds, different shades of plum or even sometimes black will be a great fit. 

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