2022 Summer Fashion Trend – Pandemic’s End in Sight

2022 Summer Fashion Trend – Pandemic’s End in Sight

Two years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic. What’s changed? Only last summer, due to the self-isolation and limitations to gatherings of people, sweat shirts and pants replaced the daily outfit for many prioritizing comfort. This year, most states have lifted the mask mandates, and reopening of everything is on the horizon globally. In response, the fashion industry is producing bold and beautiful fashion items targeting consumers who have spent little money on fashion for a while. For the environmentally conscious Millennials and Generation Zs, recycled materials are more widely used in production of garments as well.


01. Tight dresses and jumpsuits made of mesh

If you pick one material that stands out this summer, it’s transparent and cool mesh. When it comes to colors and patterns, tie-dye for watercolor effect, marbling of colors, and neon colors are popular. Tight fit is replacing revealing clothing when you go sexy. Maxi dresses, a steady seller for the summer, jumpsuits, cardigans, and crop tops are all available in mesh material.

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02. Welcome back Y2K fashion

Denim skirts, mini shoulder bags, bucket hats, and others that represent Y2K fashion are making a comeback on Instagram and TikTok. As opposed to retro styles that made buzz in the fashion world, American high school inspired looks make Y2K unique. From velvet training suits to low rise pants that barely hang on the hips, bold accessories, and lovely and vivid color patterns, Y2K’s core identity goes back to the fashion items reminiscent of the stars featured in American movies in the 2000s.



03. Cut-out

Making cut-outs in various designs on dresses, jumpsuits, bodysuits, and bathing suits to reveal the part of skin underneath has become a trend. You complete the style with layered, strap, asymmetrical contour looks. Not confident about the body shape? Lizzo, a singer famous for being a plus size, surprised the audience with a buttocks revealing cut-out fashion and made a bold and confident fashion statement. In fact, amongst the Millennials and Generation Zs, the association between good shape and revealing clothing has weakened. Now, in the U.S., “Thick girls” are proud of their voluptuous and curvaceous figures.

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04. Ruched trend

Repeated folds in the fabric of a garment make tiny waves in ruched style. From dresses to pants, two-pieces, and leggings, it is widely used across the categories. Tennis star Serena Williams wore a new ruched blue dress for her Summer Days, Summer Night collection launched for an online store that is planned and created by herself.

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05. Crochet

For bohemian style, crotchet tops, pants, hats, and small patches for garments are popular. Summer crochets are popular beachwear as a cover-up on a bathing suit on the beach, but this year, you will see them as daily one-pieces, two-pieces, and bucket hats. This year’s crochet trend was largely driven by the DIY-ers who enjoyed the handicraft as a hobby staying at home during the pandemic.

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06. Metallic & rhinestone

Sending off the pandemic, people seemed to be wanting more futuristic and elaborate designs. From rhinestone bra tops to metallic dresses, the current trend evokes the 1970’s disco fever. Especially, at the MET Gala last May, Kim Kardashian made the splash by wearing a replica of the famous crystal-decorated dress Marilyn Monroe wore at the 45th birthday of President John F Kennedy.

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07. Eco-friendly material and sustainability

As the consuming power of Millennial and Generation Z grew, their focus on sustainability started to make an impacton the fashion industry. “Sustainability” calls for the balance and harmony where you do not waste available economic, social, and natural resources for the sake of the future generation. According to a report by First Insight, more than a quarter of Millennials and Generation Zs in the world make a purchase decision factoring in the environmental impact of a company. In the beginning, it started with the fashion giants; today you can easily find it in online stores targeting African American consumers.

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