2022 Online Trend for Revenue Growth

2022 Online Trend for Revenue Growth

Lately, online trends are so quick to go viral via social media platforms like TikTok, giving birth to a new word, e-girl. You should stay tuned with trends among younger generations to offer a great selection of goods in a fashionable retail floor. Here comes the summary of major trends focused on African American females.



Checkered skirts

Checkered skirts are one of the hottest fashion items for this year. You can match chucky sneakers with a short crop top or oversized t-shirts to create a cheerful look. You can express your personality with various stockings, socks, and belts.


Oversized t-shirts and jackets

This year, a casual and practical style will prevail over skinny and tight clothes. You can layer an oversized t-shirts with long-sleeved shirts, or you can try an oversized jumper in bright colors such as yellow or orange and high-waist mom jeans with sneakers to be a trendsetter.


Show your personality with colorful loose cargo pants

Pick a loose fit for a pair of colorful cargo pants and strap them tight with a belt to bolster your feminine side. High-waist styles create an illusion for your legs to look longer. Instead of the traditional cargo pants colors, neon green or blue will be a better choice. For tops, you can wear tight-fit clothes including see-through tops, bodysuits, and so on to show off your feminine side.


Crop tops and nothing else for this year

This spring and summer, crop tops that reveal your waist will be a big hit. Crop tops usually go with high-waist pants or skirts. This year, you should try bold prints. You can coordinate them with oversized jackets, chunky belts, layered shirts, and various accessories.


Chunky sneakers to complete a style

Platform sneakers were very popular in ’90s. These chunky sneakers add several inches to your height while you look comfortable. White or black colored sneakers are easy match-ups. To express your personality, you can try colors like neon yellow, hot pink, and so on. Grab everyone’s attention with oversized jeans, mini-skirts, or dark leggings with oversized shirts.


Butterfly hair clips

This popular hair accessory of the ’90s, a butterfly shaped hair clip, made a comeback. They are going viral on TikTok. To complement your hair color, choose appropriate colors for the clips. Be the popular girl by matching them perfectly with your clothes.


Beanies to complete a casual look

A simple beanie is the undisputed top accessory for an e-girl. It brings a warm and stylish look to anyone regardless of age or gender. The most common style comes with an oversized folding in the center and a raised top. You can create accents with a logo or prints. Try a bold color like green, blue, or orange for a change.


Chokers are back

A simple and eye-catching choker is a must-have for an e-girl. These back-to-’90s styles are revived to become today’s trend. They can bring charms when layered with other necklaces. Chokers come in various styles, so you can style them with any daily look.


Belts with metallic chains

With a single chain belt, you can create a highlight for a mundane look and bring personality. High-waist cargo pants, checkered skirts, and oversized jeans go well with it.


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