2021 Shoe Trend to Lead Miscellaneous Goods Sales this Year!

2021 Shoe Trend to Lead Miscellaneous Goods Sales this Year!


The owners who succeeded in reading last year’s trend, fur sandals, and spent a “warm” summer, are paying keen attention to what this year’s trend will be. However, shoe wholesalers consistently say that there is no style at all to be a trend this year due to the logistics crisis from China that has disrupted the production and supply of shoes. If there is no change, the trends of last year will continue for another year, but there are still some styles that have an extraordinary reaction in the market and SNS.




The Glory of Fur Sandals Continue from Last Year!

As industry officials said, this year, when supply and demand of goods are not going smoothly, the popular items from last year are not changing. Shoe companies have become stingy trying new styles due to the lack of new supplies, and are dealing with piled-up inventories. Moreover, fur sandals are still popular in the market. Store owners continue to say that the sales of fur sandals have not gone down, and they are selling steadily online as well.




High-platformed and Fluffy-Styled Slippers, Pillow Slides Slippers!

This is a style in which professionals who are sensitive to shoe trends are all paying attention to. In fact, in Amazon, it has recorded a high search rate compared to last year, and leading influencers are making reviews and spreading it via word of mouth. It is super comfy due to thick cushion paddings, and it has non-slippery soles, which makes it popular among consumers. In response to this, various shoe companies are selling various styles of these shoes on the market this year.




Best of Both Worlds, Sneakers and Sandals- Breathable Comfort Sneakers!

This comfortable style of shoes combined sandals and sneakers. Although it is apparently tied with shoelaces, one does not need to tie and untie them and just slip them into their feet. However, once-worn shoes do not come off as easily as slippers or sandals, and are perfect for radical exercise. The grip and cushioning isn’t bad so it is suitable for water activities, hence the recognition it is getting from consumers.


Trend BY Ingyun Jeong
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