2021 “Mask Makeup” Trend

2021 “Mask Makeup” Trend

As the pandemic stretches to another year and new mask mandates are implemented, a new trend emerged to express one’s self behind a mask. Lipsticks are proven hot sellers in an economic downturn, but last year, eye shadows replaced lipsticks for the first time, according to many people. That is how much consumers are paying attention to eye makeup. Also, you might find an unflattering self during a Zoom meeting as opposed to yourself before a vanity mirror. It gives more time to inspect yourself, and in turn, you invest more in yourself. Let’s see how the changed daily lives have turned out for makeup trends.



Skin makeup that does not get on masks

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Just before the coronavirus, we had a contouring makeup boom, but transfer-proof makeup, instead of a full coverage makeup, is appealing to the consumers because you do not need to show half the face under a mask. To prevent foundation from transferring to your mask, you can apply a layer of setting spray after applying makeup primer prior to foundation.

**Transfer-proof makeup: a newly introduced makeup style that does not go away after wearing a mask, which means the makeup will not transfer to a mask or get smudged by it.


ABSOLUTE NEW YORK—Prolong Setting Spray
A makeup fixer that can be sprayed onto the entire face after completing your make-up

2. RUBY KISSES—Fresh Matte Foundation
Foundation that prevents an oily look and completes a matte finish


Non-stick matte lip products


Actually, “nonstick lip gloss” increased in Google search popularity by 90% during the last 90 days of 2020. Although the entire lip trend paused during the pandemic, lip gloss is still impossible to give up. This year, orange-toned red and peach tones are expected to be popular. While matte lip products that do not transfer to masks are gaining popularity, lip oils, lip balms, and lip scrubs are getting attention as a skin care routine.

Lip gloss that finishes with a matte and light touch

2. RUBY KISSES—Stick O Miracle
Natural cocoa butter lip balm stick that replenishes moisture for your dry and chapped lips


Eyelashes to substitute your eyelash extension at salons

For a consumer who get eyelash extensions at salons, the once a two-to-three-week salon visit has become a burden. Consumers who had extended their eyelashes tend to look for a lighter eyelash product because wearing false eyelashes feel thick and heavy for them. To meet the demand, false eyelashes that give a natural feel comparable to eyelash extensions are coming out. i.ENVY, who accounts for a significant portion of eyelash sales for beauty supply retail stores, introduced salon-quality partial eyelash products that are more natural and easier to apply than whole eyelash products. In addition, its newly introduced 2-in-1 products that can be used as eyeliners as well as lash glues, breaking apart from the tradition where eyelashes were supposed to be applied by the glues specially designed for eyelashes.

1. i ENVY by kiss– Lash glue liner
2-in-1 product that can be used as eyeliners as well as eyelash glues

2. I ENVY BY KISS—20D Extension Cluster
Partial eyelashes that can create a salon quality look at home


Color eyelashes


Color eyelashes have been a niche product for a small number of consumers, but this year’s vibrant color trend will likely boost their status to a mainstream item. Especially for African American women who are fond of glamorous looks, they will become a great item for Spring and Summer time. Unlike color mascara products that are widely available, color eyelashes are available through only few channels as well as marketed and distributed by brands carried by beauty supplies, making them a perfect magnet product.

3D Eyelash in subtle pop colors

2. LAFLARE—3D Prism
Premium mink eyelashes in a mixture of three-tone colors


Eyebrows go against gravity

@blow LTD

Instead of a perfectly arched eyebrow, blow gels or waxes are applied to thick eyebrows to set it upwardly and neatly. The style originated from a semi-permanent makeup procedure called brow lamination and became a makeup trend. In the beginning, due to the lack of specialized products, many tutorial videos introduced how-tos employing solid soaps and mascara brushes, but many companies are already competing in the market with waxes, gels, and glues designed and marketed for this purpose. You can also apply edge tamers with mascara brushes to create these looks.

1. NYX– The Brow Glue
Brow glow that holds a desired shape of your eyebrow for 16 hours

2. RUBY KISSES—Go Brow Duo Mascara
2-in-1 product containing transparent mascara for eyelashes as well as for eyebrows

Graphic line eye makeup

@Glammed By Tiffany

One of outstanding trends among Instagram feeds is graphic line eye makeup. It is a successor of the retro style of 60’s negative space eyeliner with an edgy style that can be created with a small number of products. You draw a line on your eyelid with liquid eyeliner and leave the rest as blank or fill with colors using eye shadows. You can create a glamorous style by adding jewelries and glitters along the graphic liner or varying the length and height.

1. NYX- Vivid Brights Eyeliner
Liquid-type eyeliner that provides vivid colors

2. ABSOLUTE NEW YORK —Pro Ink Pen Liquid Eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner that is waterproof and smudge-proof


Bold and full colors and glitters


At least for the first half of 2021, mask wearing is not going anywhere, so you can look forward to seeing interesting development in eye makeup. Rather than calm neutral colors, the selection of eye shadow colors are likely to get bolder and more adventurous, including sage green, yellow, and purple. Voluminous mink and 3D eyelashes continue to be popular as they accentuate the eyes. Meanwhile, shining glitters and shimmers express soft glam eyes.

1. EBIN NEW YORK– Goddess Treasure
12-palette eye shadow with various pop colors

2. EBIN NEW YORK—Radiant Glitter Face Glitter & Color Duo Stick
Duo stick containing color and glitter on each side, maximizing the colorful effect of glitter


Skin care demand is on the rise due to the mask-related troubles

Masks can threaten your skin’s health. In addition, the accumulation of sebum, sweat, and moist often leads to acne problems. For a person who takes little effort in cleansing or moisturizing the skin, the skin trouble can get worse. Most skin troubles caused by wearing masks occur in the areas including chin and nose. Nose is the major sebum-secretion area in the T-zone. If you add the heat and moisture from your breath captured by the mask, it can get oilier. As you need more attention to the skin, skin care demand is on the rise.

Charcoal peel-off mask that removes dirt and oil as well as tightens widened pores

2. NICKA K—Vitamin C Serum
Serum that creates a barrier for your skin and brightens the complexion of your skin


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