2021 Hair Trend? Ask Influencers!

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Hair Trend? Ask Influencers!

Beauty supply business owners must have myriads of things to consider for next year, including ever changing operational circumstances, consumer trend, and policies of the new administration, just to name a few. One of the most unavoidable topics is the upcoming year’s hair trend. Although it is not an easy job, if you predict hair trend accurately, you will definitely boost the sales. In fact, businesses who had anticipated the previous year’s trends including locs, fashion twist, water wave styles, and fur sandals successfully procured sufficient supplies, which facilitated sales.

In the past, a new trend propagated to the mass via the media indirectly; in contrast, nowadays influencers are delivering it to the mass directly. Many YouTubers and Instagram channels are consumed daily by young adult consumers, and they are taking the center stage of hair trend. Let’s take a look at styles suggested by influencers to make a guess for 2021 trend.


Half-up and half-down bang hairstyle. Her newly uploaded “EASY HALF UP HALF DOWN BAYANG HAIRSTYLE” clip went viral. Bayang is a slang for bang. The style is completed by lifting half of the hair in ponytail and let the rest down while creating a bang.


She started with natural hair.

She used an iron to add wave.

Completed hairstyle, bang with wave is on a side.

Bang style hair products

  1. Freetress Equal Synthetic Hair Bang Mod Bang
  2. Outre Sleek Swooped Bang
  3. ModelModel Synthetic Hair Clip Secure Bangs Hairpiece


Fashion repeats itself. Notably, a hairstyle made a comeback after 30 years. This is not limited to Teaira but multiple influencers are joining the retro tsunami. Their main concepts are based on fashion, makeup techniques, hairstyles from 90s, and they are keeping it going. Let’s examine her clip titled “90’s Flipped Ponytail” and see what is up.


내추럴 헤어로 출발한다.

포니 테일 헤어피스를 이어 붙여 스타일을 연출했다.

완성된 모습, 그녀도 앞머리를 내린 점이 눈에 띈다.


Ponytail hair products

  1. Shake-N-Go Synthetic Organique Ponytail
  2. Eve Hair Drawstring Synthetic Ponytail
  3. Mane Concept Yellowtail Jenee Bang Ponytail



The natural hair trend should continue in 2021. Most hair industry insiders agree on that the natural hair market should continue to grow. Catching up with the trend, beauty supply business owners are on an alert for hair care products for natural hair.
Natural hair trend reflects the raised education levels and self-esteem of African American women. Furthermore, influencers are fueling the trend. Whitney is at the center of the natural hair trend. Her YouTube clip “Pre-POO Softening Leave in Conditioner + Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend” will be examined to see what hair care products were used.


She started with untidy natural hair. She only used hair conditioner and oils.

Hair conditioner was applied to hair first, and then she straightened the hair,

followed by oils. She tended to consume quite a large amount of products per styling.

Completed hairstyle


Conditioners and hair oils for natural hair care


  • Conditioner

  1. Schwarzkopf Smooth’n Shine Curl Moisturizing Conditioner
  2. Universal Beauty Product Jamaican Mango & Lime Protein Conditioner
  3. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner


  • Hair Oils

  1. Hollywood Beauty Peppermint Oil
  2. Smartcare 100% Pure Hemp Oil
  3. Universal Beauty Product Jamaican Mango & Lime Island Oil


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