2020 Makeup Trend to Blossom..

2020 Makeup Trend to Blossom this Spring

Start of the spring sparks transformation not only in weather but also in makeup. As people prefer darker-colored outfit to survive frosty winter weather, makeup also tend to tone down to match the clothes, but things will slowly change as spring approaches. One of the most visually notable parts of the trend is the use of bold, bright colors for eyeshadow and lip.

1. Colorful mascara will outshine the traditional black ones. Shades like pink, deep blue, and turquoise add depth to the eye makeup.

2. For spring trends, consumers will favor a pop of neon color will add an accent to the eye makeup. Instead of smudging the fluorescent shade on the entire eyelid, it will be slightly dabbed onto the corner of the eye for the minimalist and chic look.

3. Neutral tone lipsticks from last year will handover its throne to hot pink lipsticks this year. Note that matte texture is more likely to be sought after than dewy look.

4. Floating Eyeliner, or also known as negative-space eyeliner, made frequent appearance on 2020 runway and is likely to trend in the market as well. Colored eyeliner is drawn along the brow on the lid and this method has already won many Hollywood celebrities’ heart

5. Pastel pink eyeliner will be the color to take the market by storm. This color is especially recommended for those wanting to try a trendy makeup but not brave enough to add a sudden splash of colors.

6. Smokey eyeshadow has upgraded its palette from monotone to languid look of red shades. Ruby red, regarded as the trendiest red tone, will lead changes in smokey makeup this spring

7. Studs are now common makeup piece and the position of the beads can create drastically different finishing touch to the eye makeup. Glittery face jewels will be In addition to the adornments, glitter makeup will also be in demand.

8. Eyeliner is drawn all round the contour of eye with no break in between. This simple yet inventive method for drawing eyeliner is already trending on social media as one of the latest looks that people are trying themselves

9. Unlike the bushy eyebrows from last year, thinner and more polished look will be how you should do your brow this spring. Structured, arched eyebrow will be the go-to shape this year for those keeping up with the latest trends.

10. We are bringing back the color block look from the 80’s. This retro makeup was frequently spotted on spring season runway and will likely to win the consumer’s heart throughout the year.

Cosmetic Trend BY Joo Park
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