2020 Influencer’s Hair Trend is Natural & DIY!

2020 Influencer’s Hair Trend is Natural & DIY!


The trend for natural hair, which began a few years ago, is not dying down. No, it’s actually getting stronger. More and more people are looking for natural hairstyles, and famous influencers are impacting the natural hair trend these days.

If natural hair is the old one that has been in vogue for several years, DIY is the new one that has been in vogue since the Corona era. Months of isolation seem to have given the public the skills to style their hair on their own. Famous influencer, Jasmine, Kim, and Jodi, who quickly grasped this trend, are focusing on making natural hair & DIY content videos these days.

Let’s dig into the latest natural hairstyles and products introduced by the influencers now.



Chunky Flat Twists-Curly hairstyle made by using simple hair care products!

Jasmine Brown is an influencer who has been posting videos of natural hair care since a few years ago. She is well known by her nickname Jasmeannn, and subscribers are 2.41m. Born in Texas, she was born in 1995 and is 24 years old this year.


OGX Argan Oil Conditioner
Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner with vitamin E and essential nutrients. Oil extracted from southwestern Morocco prevents heat and UV damage. The effect of making hair glossy and smooth is already proven in buyers’ reviews.


OGX Pracaxi Oil Recovery Combing Cream
This Pracaxi oil-and-cream hybrid product protects hair pigments while also moisturizing frizzy hair, making curls luxurious. Pracaxi oil is extracted from a tree in Brazil and the butter is derived from the seeds of a tree called Murumuru.


OGX Penetrating Oil Dry, Coarse Hair
Penetrating oil specially mixed for hair has the effect of moisturizing, maintaining elasticity, and regenerating hair. The product is made of natural materials, but it also protects hair from harmful heat and UV.


These are scenes from her popular video “Chunky Flat Twists- Curly Hairstyle.” She flat twisted her hair on top and curled her hair on the bottom to complete a unique style. From start to finish, she changed her hairstyle to 180 degrees in just 10 minutes, using only ordinary oils, conditioner and cream that anyone can access. It also relieves subscribers who are having a hard time with DIY by passing on tips in her video.




Finger Coils with a small comb and common gel

Kim is the operator of the YouTube channel TheChicNatural, which has 1.91M subscribers. She takes care of all beauty content, including makeup, daily life, and fashion, as well as hair, but her hair-related videos have three to four times more views than other videos.


Acure the essentials Rosehip oil
Materials extracted from roses and fruits are the main ingredients, and supply the hair with essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids and moisture. It is a product that is constantly being consumed due to the high satisfaction of buyers at reasonable prices.


Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer
It is an edge control product with absolute support from influencers. It takes control of the edge of the hairline with a neat finish. In particular, it doesn’t peel off on the edges nor leave white residue, and it is nutritious and moisturizing.


The 10-minute-long “FINGER COILS on Natural Hair!” is her signature popular video showing Kim’s true value.  Unlike other YouTubers’ videos, which are difficult to understand due to their large omission, her videos have been minimized in editing. The performance, which quickly completes the finger coil style with a small comb and plain gel, has surprised subscribers, surpassing 1.6 million views.



Natural hair and wig in harmony, Curly FroHawk style taught by Jodi

Jamaican YouTuber Jodi mostly uploaded wig-related hair videos in the past, but has recently begun to deal with content that uses natural hair and wigs together. Although the number of subscribers is not high compared to other YouTubers, many say it is practical. This is because only popular and inexpensive products are introduced to subscribers so that they can imitate her actual style. The future of this cost-effectiveness oriented influencer looks bright.


Argan Oil from Morocco by Crème of Nature
It is a product that boasts a comfortableness that allows even first-time users to adapt quickly, and a perfect holding touch. It is a product that properly covers the discolored hair root area of the head while neatly finishing the thin end.


Edge Styler by Baby Tress
In the early days of its release, it attracted attention with its design that captures both form and function. The comb part made of wild boar’s fur which can be freely deformed, and the pointed tip for finishing touches of the hair are the strengths of this product that allowed it to survive in the market.


Sensationnel Synthetic Hair Drawstring Ponytail by Curls Kinks & Co Rule Breaker
This ponytail-style artificial hair wig has been loved by the public for a few years. It is easy to use and wearable by anyone.


In Jodi’s individualized video “EASY Curly FroHawk Tutorial in 5 min!” she makes a magical hair change in just eight minutes. After tidying up her natural hair using various hair products, she creates a proHawk style by placing a synthetic hair peice on top of her head.



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